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Mini HOP G300 HOP V 450 - 1000
Yushin HOP V Series Sprue Pickers
Yushin HOP V Sprue Picker             Yushin Handheld G Controller 
Equipped with the eye-friendly large LCD.
Icon selection is possible on the menu panel.
Handeld G Screen 
The user-friendly raised silicone keys are featured on the pendent.
Designed for operators to push the keys firmly.
SD card is available.
Backup and copy of teaching data and program installation are possible with SD card.
Optionally equipped with a multi-lingual display function. (*Except for J-HOP)
Two languages at most are to be selected from Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, German, Dutch, Slovak, Czech, Polish.
Swing angle 50 - 90
On swing type robots, Robot swing direction (operator side and rear side) and swing angle (within a specified range) can be freely specified.
Yushin Picker Swing Angle
Adjustable stroke
On swing robots, the vertical stroke and kick stroke can be set to any desired length.
Yushin Picker Vertical Arm Adjustable Stroke
Adjustable chuck waiting position
On swing type robots, the take-out waiting position of the chuck can be manually set to any desired position.
Yushin Picker Adjustable Waiting Position
Yushin linear rail
Our own proprietary low-resistance Yushin linear rail mechanism is used in the guide rail section.