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Counterfeit NISSEI grease warning

Counterfeit NISSEI grease warning

It has been brought up to our attention that some websites and auction sites are selling counterfeit NISSEI greases.

These greases are not only poor in quality, but also can cause serious damage to the machines.

Please do not purchase and use these counterfeit greases.

  • Genuine NISSEI greases are ONLY available through En-Plas’ parts department.  Nissei does not sell these greases online.
    If you need to purchase genuine grease, please call En-Plas’ parts department at 416-286-3030 or email srosario@en-plasinc.com
  • Use of these counterfeit greases or greases purchased online will void your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Use of these counterfeit greases can seriously harm your machines.
  • Counterfeit greases sold online look similar to the genuine grease from outside; however, its content is completely different.

Photo of genuine NISSEI grease

Grease for Injection Molding Machines

Importance of using genuine NISSEI grease

Dear our valued customers,

Thank you very much for your continued patronage to NISSEI!

We are informing you about the importance of using genuine grease for your NISSEI injection molding machines in order to prevent possible damages.

We received some reports that there have been some issues with grease feeding and gnawing in the ball screws when greases other than genuine NISSEI grease were used.  The genuine grease is designed exclusively for NISSEI injection molding machines, and problems may quickly arise by substituting it with a different one.

If you consider purchasing the grease, please contact En-Plas Inc.

<Genuine NISSEI grease>

Lube NS1

Photo of genuine NISSEI grease

<About genuine NISSEI grease>

NS1 is designed to provide adequate lubrication to the ball screws and toggle link sections of the NISSEI electric injection molding machines. It was co-developed by NISSEI and Lube, Inc. and is exclusively used for NISSEI injection molding machines as well as for maintenances in order to maximize the life of its components and materialize smooth auto-greasing.

When grease other than the genuine grease is used, it may cause problems in the auto-greasing unit, and the grease may not reach to the ball screw or toggle link sections, which can result in gnawing or unusual wears. Even if the grease reaches the ball screw, it will shorten the life of its components. Counterfeit greases are cheaper; however, these are not suitable in high-load areas, and replacing the damaged components can be very expensive.

As a result of years of research on the ball screw designs, its load amount, and the surrounding temperature, genuine NISSEI grease was developed to provide the best possible performance and protections to the ball screw and toggle link sections.

In addition, it works well in the auto-greasing system to maximize its flowing capability. According to our research, other greases do not meet the conditions mentioned above. Thus, when non-genuine greases are used even as a temporary substitute, it can create a build up and shorten the life of the heavy-load parts since two greases (authentic and counterfeit ones) inside the pipe get mixed.

<Service cost when non-genuine grease is used>

In order to provide better maintenance services, NISSEI keeps sales records of the greases. Repair will not be covered by warranty if a customer purchases grease from other makers or vendors since we do not have any records of the type of grease used. All services for any problems caused by non-genuine grease will be charged even if a machine is still under the warranty period or it was used as a temporary solution.