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Iceman SC Series Air & Water-Cooled Systems

The Iceman chillers have been engineered for increased efficiency, with additional features in a compact, cost-effective package.
Each Iceman features non-corrosive components, in both the refrigeration and fluid handling circuits, that reduce maintenance concerns and downtime. The stainless steel supply pump and evaporator are highly efficient and long lasting for continuous process usage. The heavy duty insulated plastic tank, combined with non-corrosive plumbing, give you a system that is virtually maintenance free.

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Iceman SC Series Air & Water-Cooled Systems


The Mokon Iceman SC Series portable chillers feature a scroll compressor providing superior efficiency, enhanced reliability and quieter operation (reciprocating and semi-hermetic compressors available in some models). The scroll compressor has 50% fewer moving parts than standard reciprocating compressors – increasing the reliability and efficiency of the compressor.

High Quality Components Increase Life and Decrease Maintenance

  • Nonferrous plumbing and components
  • Efficient stainless steel brazed plate evaporator
  • Stainless steel centrifugal pump
  • Liquid filled pressure gauges

Operator Friendly Design with Maximum Safety and Control

  • Microprocessor control for greater accuracy
  • Easy-to-access control panel and internal components
  • Motor, compressor and transformer fusing to ensure operator safety
  • NEMA rated electrical enclosure


Iceman SC Portable Chiller Internal View

Iceman SC Portable Chiller Flow Schematic

These systems are essentially self-contained after initial start up, which limits the possibility of cooling media contamination while reducing process maintenance concerns.

Microprocessor based controls with adaptive tuning capabilities and an accurate hot gas bypass, add to the efficiency of this chilled process fluid package by properly controlling and utilizing the refrigeration loop for maximum cooling. The overall design provides for reliable temperature control, long life and durable and safe operation.

Standard Features
A. Stainless steel centrifugal supply pump
B. Heavy-duty insulated plastic tank
C. Insulated non-ferrous plumbing and components
D. Air cooled condenser
E. Hermetically sealed compressors (small models) Semi-hermetically sealed compressors (larger models)
F. Highly efficient brazed plate evaporator
G. Microprocessor based controller mounted in operator-friendly orientation
H. Hot gas bypass standard (cylinder unloading for 15 & 20 ton)
I. NEMA rated electrical enclosure with safety door disconnect switch


Eurotherm Controller

Eurotherm 3216 Series

The Eurotherm 1/16 DIN (3216) microprocessor controller is now standard on the entire line of portable chillers, water and heat transfer fluid temperature control systems. This controller is operator friendly and easy-to-use. Standard features include a microprocessor PID controller for the highest accuracy in temperature control, a dual LCD display that shows set point and actual fluid temperature, and advanced PID overshoot protection with self-tuning capabilities for increased accuracy. Scrolling text messages deliver plain language messages to let users know exactly what is happening to the process.

There are optional 1/8 or 1/4 DIN controllers available, with high/low deviation alarm, remote set point and retransmission and serial communication. A five-year warranty comes standard with the controller.

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