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Duratherm NPS (Negative Pressure) Systems

Even a minor cooling circuit leak from stress cracks or bad O-rings can stop operations. But with the Mokon Duratherm NPS negative pressure temperature control system, you can finish the production run without the nuisance of a leak or the costly interruption of a repair. The Duratherm NPS gives you accurate temperature control while creating a negative pressure condition to pull the water through the mold – essentially generating a vacuum to stop the leak and preventing downtime from delaying your process.

Whether your process requires positive pressure (no leaks present) or negative pressure (to stop a leak), Duratherm NPS provides the most efficient means of temperature control. By incorporating a Venturi jet pump and a uniquely designed reservoir, you are provided with a self-supporting means of accurate temperature control up to 180° F in a positive or negative pressure condition.

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Duratherm NPS Bulletin

Model Pump
Flow Rate
Positive Mode
Flow Rate
L x W x H
DT-NPS 3/4 Up to 25 GPM
@ 25 PSI
Up to
17 GPM
9/18/24 1″ NPT 1/2″ NPT 32 x 17 x 27.5 210
DR-NPS 1-1/2 Up to 40 GPM
@ 32 PSI
Up to
27 GPM
9/18/24 1-1/2″ NPT 1/2″ NPT 32 x 17 x 27.5 210
DN-NPS 3 Up to 60 GPM
@ 34 PSI
Up to
36 GPM
9/18/24 1-1/2″ NPT 1/2″ NPT 32 x 17 x 27.5 210
DO-NPS 5 Up to 80 GPM
@ 38 PSI
Up to
52 GPM
9/18/24 1-1/2″ NPT 1/2″ NPT 38 x 17 x 27.5 225

Temperature range up to 180°F (82°C)
Available in a variety of voltages.



Duratherm NPS
Standard Features

The Duratherm NPS offers many features as standard to provide a reliable and accurate circulating water temperature control system. Listed below are just a few.

A. System reservoir – fluid supply source and air separation device.
B. Control panel mounted in operator friendly orientation.
C. Standard safety features include low pressure switch, pressure relief valve, and high temperature switch.
D. Horizontal brass heater canister with copper heating element and stainless steel diverter.
E. Makeup water and cooling solenoids.
F. Powder coated steel cabinet for protection and durability.
G. Venturi jet pump.
H. Three-way flow control valve to adjust system from positive pressure to negative pressure.
I. Stainless steel pump with silicon-carbide seal.

Eurotherm Controller

Eurotherm 3216 Series

The Eurotherm 1/16 DIN (3216) microprocessor controller is now standard on the entire line of portable chillers, water and heat transfer fluid temperature control systems. This controller is operator friendly and easy-to-use. Standard features include a microprocessor PID controller for the highest accuracy in temperature control, a dual LCD display that shows set point and actual fluid temperature, and advanced PID overshoot protection with self-tuning capabilities for increased accuracy. Scrolling text messages deliver plain language messages to let users know exactly what is happening to the process.

There are optional 1/8 or 1/4 DIN controllers available, with high/low deviation alarm, remote set point and retransmission and serial communication. A five-year warranty comes standard with the controller.

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