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60+ year old Japanese machinery manufacturer that offers the latest in high tech solutions including hybrid, all electric, hydraulic, hydro-mechanical, two shot, vertical, thermoset, micro, high speed injection molding machines.

En-Plas Inc. has sold well over 2800 new NISSEI machines within Canada during our 32 year relationship with them.

PQ Manager

PQ Manager

Applicable to a variety of applications, ranging from the quality and production information management for 30 injection molding machines to the quality analysis for one molding machine.

Basic Specifications

  1. Operating condition monitoring
  2. Monitor analysis
  3. Profile collection/analysis
  4. Operation history control
  5. Production control
  6. Molding condition control
  7. Mold maintenance
  8. E-mail transmission
  9. Web monitoring

(Some functions are unavailable for some molding machines.)

Group Control System

Group Control System

  • Connection of computers to multiple machines with TACT permits establishment of a group control system that allows quality analysis and production control for molding machines.
  • Centralized monitoring of our old models, as well as other companies’ models, is possible. (Functions are limited partly.)
  • The e-mail transmission function and the monitoring function that permits remote monitoring through the Web are provided.
  • The profile and monitor data analysis

PQ Manager

Quality Analysis System

Quality Analysis System

Connection of a laptop to a molding machine with TACT through one LAN cable permits establishment of a quality analysis system. In terms of functions, the system is equivalent to the group control system, but this system is effective in monitoring, as well as in quality analysis primarily for profile collection and analysis.

Costly measuring instruments are unnecessary.


New TACT IV Controller

Have 2 screens open at any time.
Scroll through pages by touching the screen and making a swiping motion.

High-performance & high-functioning TACT IV controller
Larger screen, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & user-friendly premium software are equipped to improve workability & operability, and the quality & production management functions have been reinforced.

Sheet switch type is used for the operation panel, and 15-inch vertical LCD can arrange two windows vertically, materializing superior visibility and operability.

Molding condition settings to increase yield, which used to require a skilled technician, are automated and simplified. Its “Easy Setting” permits the reduction of defect rate.
In addition, new features, such as SET-UP screen and display of the discriptions of adjusters, allow saving of preparation time from mold installation to starting of mass production and materialization of easy & reliable operation.

FNX Graph vs Electric and Hydraulic

Nissei TACT Controller

New TACT IV Controller Have 2 screens open at any time. Scroll through pages by touching the screen and making a swiping motion. High-performance & high-fun… More Info

Nissei Past Model Reference

Nissei Machines in this area are to be used for reference purposes only. The machines in this category are no longer offered by Nissei and are meant as guides for existing owners or customers who have purchased these machines used.

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