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Nissei DCX Hybrid Two Shot Machines

Two-color, dissimilar material, mixed-color products have been widely used for automobile and industrial parts, as well as household sundries, including key-tops of personal computers and push-button telephones. It is possible to make products not only with unique design but also with excellent strength, gloss, and functions.

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Two-color molding machines that can produce economical high-quality products, dissimilar material molding machines that rationalize production efficiency, and mixed-color molding machines that create marble patterns and colorful beauty can make products with higher added values with the help of unique ideas and molding techniques.

The machine permits unmanned low-cost, high-cycle molding of two-color products widely used as industrial parts and household appliances. Dissimilar material molding with rigid resin and flexible resin (elastomer, etc.), which excels in accuracy, strength, and durability, is also possible.

The series is equipped with NISSEI’s original 2-piston clamping mechanism that permits ideal transmission of clamping force to two sides of a mold (DC120 and above). In addition to high-speed control (control cycle: 500 microsec.) and improved repeatability by the new controller “TACT,” the servomotor-driven new rotating mechanism materializes high-speed, shockless mold reversing operation (reversing time: approx. 1/2 of conventional machines).

Model Screw
(kN [tf])
Min. mold
Tie bar
DCX120-9A 28 69 1190
450 170 660 x 250
32 90
36 114
DCX200-25A 40 201 1990
520 250 925 x 305
45 254
50 314
DCX400-36A 45 286 3970
750 300 1120 x 420
50 353
56 443
DCX600-50A 50 402 5880
850 350 1515 x 565
56 505
63 639

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