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STX Small Vertical Hybrid Machine

STX Small Tonnage Vertical Hybrid Machines

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Nissei STX Small Tonnage Vertical Hybrid Machine

STX Series is a compact and space-saving design machine series that can flexibly be adapted to many automatic molding systems. We are now introducing the new generation series that has further evolved by equipping it with the “X-Pump” system. It materializes outstanding injection performance and significant energy-savings, demonstrating the strength in automotive & electronics components moldings that require high-precision.

Installation space: 860x850mm (STX10) & 900x1000mm (STX20)
Space-saving & low machine height design

Low Cost
Less pipes, wiring and higher overall energy savings

Approach to the mold from 4 (5) different angles possible,excelling in expandability for automating


Performance Specifiactions

Models Screw diameter
Injection capacity
Clamping force
(kN [tf])
Clamping stroke
Min. mold thickenss
16 13 94
170 130
19 18
22 25
22 35 193
200 150
26 49
30 65

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