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Vacuum Material Loaders

VM-Series Loaders VM Series Automated Loaders Providing Precise Control over Load Time and Material Percentages. This versatile family of material hopper loaders are designed for various applications. VM-l and VM-2 material loaders offer easy installation, complete automation, and feature the following. On Demand Material loading - Saves Power Prolongs Equipment life Self Cleaning Filter light Weight and Compact Size Allows Easy Setup or Tear Down Quick Release lid Clamps-No Tools Required to Change the Filter or Clean the Hopper. Protective Shroud for Discharge Valve loads up to 1000 lbs./hr Retrofittable Radio valve for Proportional loading of virgin and Regrind MaterialThe VM series is completely automated and virtually maintenance-free. The loader operates on a material need-only basis - a switch on the discharge valve signals the loader only when material is called for This not only saves power but also cuts running time, thereby prolonging equipment life. The optional pulsating Ratio Valve provides dual component material loading into the vacuum receiver.… More Info

ML Minimum Inventory Loaders

ml-series loader ML Series Minimum Inventory Loaders Combination loader/Hopper Mounts Directly to the Molding Machine/Extruder Feed Throat lightweight and Compact for Easy Installation Quick-Release Clamps for Easy Material Change Minimum Inventory for Easy Cleaning Solid State Electronics and Material level Sensing loads from 250-750 lbs./hr Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter Adjustable Material level Control Four Sizes Available HIGHLY EFFICIENT, MINIMUM INVENTORY ML-SERIES The MI-Series machine loaders are designed as versatile minimum inventory receiver hoppers. The loader's efficient set-up allows the operator to draw small amounts of material to the machine feed throat, avoiding material cool-off and moisture reabsorbtion. With over fifty years of experience, you can count on Thoreson McCosh products to handle your resin with the greatest efficiency and the least amount of exposure to moisture, dirt, and other contaminants. MATERIAL LEVEL CONTROL The material level sensor provides easily adjustable control over the quantity of material used for each application. In the MI-Series, the hopper section is available in four different… More Info

Compressed Air Material Loaders

Tornado Compressed Air Loader Tornado Compressed Air Loader The Tornado Plastic Loader provides low-cost, reliable material loading. Utilizing only compressed air, this powerful compact loader pulls material from bags, barrels, or gaylords and loads it directly into a variety of machines or storage units. Engineered to mount onto the machine throat, this combination loader and hopper is capable of loading up to 250 lbs. of material per hour. Features: Loads 250 lbs./hour Adjustable Level control Low-Level Sensing Uses Compressed Air (No Electricity Necessary) Moisture Filtration System Included Holds Low Volume of Pellets Machine Mountable Sight Tube Observation Benefits: Low Cost Easy-to-Clean Quiet Operation Lightweight Easy-to-install Simple-to-Use Safety-Conscious Design No Brushes to Replace The Tornado features a simple-to-use adjustable Material Level Control that lets you choose the minimum quantity of material required for your process. In addition, this dynamic little unit also features a durable, impact resistant polycarbonate tube, which takes the place of your machine hopper. Finally, the Tornado was… More Info

Thoreson Whirlwind Powder Loaders

vm-powder material loader WhirlWind Powder Loader The WhirlWind Powder Loader was expressly designed for use with small injection loading machines, blow molders, extruders, and as a color concentrate loader for material blenders. Powered by a 1/2 horsepower industrial fan-cooled motor; the WhirlWind Powder Loader is powerful enough to load powdered material at a rate of 500 lbs./hour. Its lightweight, durable construction, and compact size allow the WhirlWind to be easily moved from one machine to the next. Fully Automatic: The WhirlWind Powder Loader is completely automatic -- engaging and disengaging material flow in response to a signaled request for additional blended material. This important feature saves power; cuts run time, and leads to extended equipment life. Self Cleaning: Designed for automatic self-cleaning, the WhirlWind delivers a high velocity pulse of compressed air; from an internal surge tank, through the powder filter -- cleansing it of leftover powder and other undesirable materials. Tools Unnecessary: This unique model is designed with Quick-Release… More Info

Thoreson Portable Vacuum Pump

Guardian - Lightweight Portable Vacuum Pump Unit Thru put capacities from 200 to 1500 pounds per hour Whisper quiet and efficient operation Easy to use digital microprocessor controller Single point fines collection system Enclosed single or two port vacuum valve Single station or Dual station vacuum receivers (can be configured for machine or hopper loading, or both) Stainless Steel material pick-up wand All necessary misc. hardware to complete material transfer system Standard 1-Year Parts and Service Warranty DESIGNED FOR FLEXIBILITY, DURABILITY AND CONVENIENCEThe portable loader package makes it ideal for processors who have small to medium material thru put requirements, and does it without limitations. The loading system has been designed to eliminate the nuisance associated with brush type motors and makes material fines collection a snap with the patented filter system. FLEXIBLE LOADING SYSTEM IS IDEAL FOR INTERGRATED WORK CELLSThis loading package has been designed for standard loading configurations but can be customized to suit your specific needs. The… More Info

Central Material Handling Systems

Central Material Management Systems material management system vacuum receiver units mv-series vacuum receivers cb-series central filters guardian loader mk-series vacuum pump units mk-series vacuum pump unit sound enclosure Customized Material Management Systems The key word in material management systems is experience. Since 1947, Thoreson McCosh has been the leader in material handling. Our goal is to supply the finest drying, blending, and conveying equipment in the plastics industry. It's this experience and commitment to excellence that sets Thoreson McCosh apart from the competition and enables us to provide outstanding "Turn-Key," Low Maintenance Material Management Systems. System Design Our first rate sales and engineering team specializes in material management system design. At Thoreson McCosh, attention to detail is the bottom line of our success when developing comprehensive systems for our clients. With a proper evaluation of your company's current and future requirements, Thoreson McCosh will provide alternatives and solutions for an effective material management system. As material prices continue to rise,… More Info

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