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Compressed Air Material Loaders

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Tornado Compressed Air Loader

Tornado Compressed Air Loader Thoreson Tornado Compressed Air Loaders The Tornado Plastic Loader provides low-cost, reliable material loading. Utilizing only compressed air, this powerful compact loader pulls material from bags, barrels, or gaylords and loads it directly into a variety of machines or storage units. Engineered to mount onto the machine throat, this combination loader and hopper is capable of loading up to 250 lbs. of material per hour.


  • Loads 250 lbs./hour
  • Adjustable Level control
  • Low-Level Sensing
  • Uses Compressed Air (No Electricity Necessary)
  • Moisture Filtration System Included
  • Holds Low Volume of Pellets
  • Machine Mountable
  • Sight Tube Observation


  • Low Cost
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • Quiet Operation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-install
  • Simple-to-Use
  • Safety-Conscious Design
  • No Brushes to Replace

The Tornado features a simple-to-use adjustable Material Level Control that lets you choose the minimum quantity of material required for your process. In addition, this dynamic little unit also features a durable, impact resistant polycarbonate tube, which takes the place of your machine hopper. Finally, the Tornado was designed with two quick-release “T” clamps for easy cleaning and speedy material changes.

For the durable, consistent material loading power of the Tornado, contact En-Plas today!

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