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ML Minimum Inventory Loaders

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ml-series loader

ML Series Minimum Inventory Loaders Thoreson ML Series Loaders

  • Combination loader/Hopper Mounts Directly to the Molding Machine/Extruder Feed Throat
  • lightweight and Compact for Easy Installation
  • Quick-Release Clamps for Easy Material Change
  • Minimum Inventory for Easy Cleaning
  • Solid State Electronics and Material level Sensing
  • loads from 250-750 lbs./hr
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter
  • Adjustable Material level Control
  • Four Sizes Available

The MI-Series machine loaders are designed as versatile minimum inventory receiver hoppers. The loader’s efficient set-up allows the operator to draw small amounts of material to the machine feed throat, avoiding material cool-off and moisture reabsorbtion. With over fifty years of experience, you can count on Thoreson McCosh products to handle your resin with the greatest efficiency and the least amount of exposure to moisture, dirt, and other contaminants.

The material level sensor provides easily adjustable control over the quantity of material used for each application. In the MI-Series, the hopper section is available in four different diameters and capacities. The hopper is constructed of sturdy polycarbonate and acts as a precise material reservoir. When the material level sensor calls for material, the flapper door shuts against the material discharge flange. This seal ensures the vacuum necessary for good material feed.

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