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Vacuum Material Loaders

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VM-Series Loaders

VM Series Automated Loaders Thoreson VM Series Loaders Providing Precise Control over Load Time and Material Percentages.

This versatile family of material hopper loaders are designed for various applications. VM-l and VM-2 material loaders offer easy installation, complete automation, and feature the following.

  • On Demand Material loading – Saves Power Prolongs Equipment life
  • Self Cleaning Filter
  • light Weight and Compact Size Allows Easy Setup or Tear Down
  • Quick Release lid Clamps-No Tools Required to Change the Filter or Clean the Hopper.
  • Protective Shroud for Discharge Valve
  • loads up to 1000 lbs./hr
  • Retrofittable Radio valve for Proportional loading of virgin and Regrind MaterialThe VM series is completely automated and virtually maintenance-free. The loader operates on a material need-only basis – a switch on the discharge valve signals the loader only when material is called for This not only saves power but also cuts running time, thereby prolonging equipment life. The optional pulsating Ratio Valve provides dual component material loading into the vacuum receiver. This assures thoroughly mixed material throughout the entire loading process.

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