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DVL Portable Material Dryers

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Portable Dryers (DVL Series) Thoreson DVL Portable Dryer The Thoreson-McCosh DVL series offers reliable material loading and drying for applications handling volumes from 12 to 120 lbs. per hour. These machines are “mini” material management systems designed to transfer material from a gaylord to a drying hopper. Following material drying, the DVL system then vacuums the dried material from the drying hopper to a one-shot loader located on the molding machine feed throat Centered on a cart base with casters, the Drying Vacuum Loader offers complete portability as well.

The DVL Series:

  • Allows quick and easy material changes
  • Is a totally self-contained mini-cell
  • Utilizes a durable two-station vacuum pump (no brush-type motors)
  • Promotes easy maintenance access with “floor unit” design
  • Incorporates a patented three-desiccant bed dehumidifying unit
  • Comes with industry-leading 5 year/30 month Blue Ribbon dryer warranty
When if comes to dependability the DVL delivers! Unlike other systems using troublesome single-phase vacuum motors, the DIIL Series uses a brushless motor to provide you with the best maintenance-free material drying system around. In addition, Thoreson McCosh’s 5/30 Blue Ribbon warranty gives you the assurance that technical support and service is just a phone call away.

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