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Hot Air Dryers (H Series) Thoreson Hot Air Dryers Designed to remove surface moisture from non-hygroscopic plastic materials, Thoreson-McCosh Hot Air Drying and Preconditioning Systems efficiently and automatically provide a constant supply of preheated, preconditioned, uniformly-dried material for your extruder or molding machine. Thoreson-McCosh H-Series drying systems are highly-engineered and well-designed products. For example, to prevent material contamination and ensure reliability, the drying air is pulled through filtered intakes before being pressurized and heated. The patented design of the hopper; diffuser combination has undergone extensive testing to ensure that every particle of material has been exposed to identical temperature and time- assurance of consistently uniform material dryness. For maximum drying efficiency, Thoreson-McCosh H-Series drying systems offer the highest air flow rates of any unit in the industry and are guaranteed to meet your stated drying requirements or they can be returned for full credit.


  • Quick heal-up saves lime and money
  • Intake filters help prevent material contamination
  • Highest air-flow rates in the industry
  • Diffuser and hopper designed to provide uniform exposure of material to drying air
  • Custom-mounting flanges are provided at no extra cost to provide quick, convenient hopper mounting
  • Machine-mounted models, floor-mounted models, and insulated hoppers available
  • Built-in, Solid State, digital temperature control
  • NEMA-12 Enclosure

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