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Yushin ATC Hybrid Robots

Yushin ATC 1/2 Servo – 1/2 Pneumatic (100 – 500tons)

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Pneumatic/Servo take-out robots built for cost-performance

Yushin ATC Brochure

Built for cost-performance, these take-out robots employ servomotor drive on only the traverse axis, while air cylinder drive systems are adopted for the vertical and kick axis.


  • Applicable for factories with low ceilings

    Low-overall height type availableThe vertical axis is fitted with Double Speed Drive that allows for a lower overall-height, which works great for factories with ceiling height restrictions.

  • Multiple language support

    Up to 2 languages selectable as an optionUsers can select any 2 languages from among Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Thai.

  • Functionally versatile but easy-to-use operating system

    Functionally versatile but easy-to-use operating system

    Outfitted with the upgraded GIIB Controller

Viewer-Friendly, Advanced Display Screen
Large LCD display and icon-based menu panels are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Robust Silicone Keypad
Quality design features sturdy, responsive push buttons and a highly durable keypad.

Highly Durable, User-Friendly Design
Toughened housing is resistant to dust and moisture.Ergonomic form makes the GII controller easy to grip and operate comfortably.

Multilingual Display (optional)
User may switch display to either of 2 loaded languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, or Korean available).

SD Memory Card Compatible
Transfer and back-up data via SD memory card. Up to 30 different mold setups may be stored in memory.

Yushin Handheld G Controller

Equipped with the eye-friendly large LCD. Icon selection is possible on the menu panel.

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