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N-Hop Vertical Pickers 450-900

Yushin N Hop Pickers are designed for vertical machine applications

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Mold clamping force: 30 – 350ton
No. of servo axes: 1 axis (kick)
Swing angle: 50- 90
Adjustable stroke
Adjustable chuck waiting position
Linear guide: Yushin linear rail
Controller: GII-type controller

A servo motor is used on the kick axis.
An NC control servo motor drive makes it possible to adjust the kick stroke with the controller rather than the conventional method of manual adjustment on the robot.


Power voltage AC200V 3.0A (50/60Hz)
Control method Sequence stored program
Working Pressure 0.4 – 0.5MPa
Maximum allowable pressure 0.8MPa


Model N-HOP-GII 450 N-HOP-GII 550 N-HOP-GII 650 N-HOP-GII 750 N-HOP-GII 900
Stroke Descent (mm) 450 550 650 750 900
Kick (mm) 350 620
Swing Min.50 – Max.90
Chuck position Waiting position adjustable range 60mm
Air consumption
11 13 15 17 19
Maximum weigh capacity 2Kg
Robot weight 28kg 29kg 30kg 32kg 33kg

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