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Yushin RC Premium Servo Robots

Yushin RC Premium Full Servo Robots (Up to 3000tons)

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Yushin’s newest line of full-servo take-out robots, the RC series was built to embody the concepts of Speed, Reliability, and Efficiency. The RC series also features the new E-touch II controller.

Equipped with vertical axis and kick axis servo motors a full size larger than our previous robot line, the RC series delivers up to 13% shorter take-out times and ensures increased productivity for its owners.

With increased structural rigidity and a new anti-vibration system, the RC series offers accurate, vibration-free product take-out and release for more efficient manufacturing.

Standard-equipped “ECO Vacuum” feature greatly reduces the amount of compressed air needed for product suction during take-out. With this and other energy-saving features, owners will enjoy lower running costs.

Innovative New Controller
The RC series’ new E-touch II controller makes operation even easier with a new Operator Panel, audible help guidance, animated icon-based charts, and more.


E-touch II controller

The E-touch II is an advanced controller that is used with the RCII Series and, in its K variant, for the ultra high speed HSA Series. This controller makes full use of its 10.4″ full-color touch screen to show its graphical user interface to best effect. In addition to the real control buttons located around the screen, graphical touch buttons are used on the screen to provide a series of options that are always relevant to your current task.

Those involved with programming will find numerous useful features on the E-touch II:

Lead Through Teaching
This application simplifies the task of program editing by allowing you to record manual operations and also to use/alter standardised template movements in any axis to create the required result. Lead Through Teaching enables you to produce results from the robot without the need for specialist knowledge or the use of an external computer.

Easy Teaching/Easy Screen
The Easy Teaching application simplifies programming tasks even further by combining the Position, Speed, and Timer settings onto one screen. Using the integral Action Chart Display you can simply choose from the displayed icons to create your desired sequence of moves. A related Easy Screen mode is available for operators which similarly simplifies options into selectable screen prompts.

3D Simulator
The in-built 3D graphical simulator lets you check the result of your new program before sending it through to the robot. This feature is a valuable time saving tool when perfecting new routines and it also greatly reduces the chances of damage caused by incorrect commands.

Auto Slow-down
When enabled, this feature uses custom algorithms to automatically decrease the motion speed of any axis just prior to part placement. This can significantly reduce tool vibration and negates the need for time delays within the program, thus allowing overall cycle times to be improved.

Troubleshooting Mode
Further assistance is provided by the troubleshooting mode which can be used to pinpoint errors or problems with the programmed operation.


  • 10.4″ full color touch panel display
  • ‘Real’ navigation and control buttons
  • Context-sensitive on-screen buttons
  • Prominent red safety stop button
  • Compact Flash, USB, Smart Media and SD memory card compatibility for program storage and transferral
  • Sufficient internal memory for 300 mold setups
  • Lead Through Teaching for straightforward programming
  • On-screen stroke positioning
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Remote-control, data transmission and program upgrades available through online support resources
  • Program and service upgrades available through online support resources
  • Easy Teaching programming application
  • Easy Screen operator assistance facility
  • 3D robot operation simulator screen
  • Auto slow-down mode decreases motion speed just prior to part placement for vibration free release
  • Troubleshooting mode enables tracking down of errors/problems
  • Easy hand-held use
  • Rubber edge protectors
  • Optional vacuum suction circuit monitor


2-stage telescopic type
The vertical arm on the take-out robot is a two-stage telescopic type. The overall height of the robot is reduced, compared with single stroke type.

Single (small tonnage applications) or Dual support type (most common)
This indicates U-fork type kick frame which holds vertical arm from both sides. This offers higher rigidity than dual-sides holding.

Yushin linear rail
Our own proprietary low-resistance Yushin linear rail mechanism is used in the guide rail section.

On robot body
NC Box (motor driver box) is unified with the robot main body.

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