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Yushin SC Economical Servo Robots

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Economical all axis servo driven take-out robots

Yushin SC (Economical) Servo Robots are still made in Japan, but are meant to compete with some of the low cost manufacturers from countries like China, Taiwan and Korea.

The SCII is a standard take-out robot of great cost-performance.

The driving axes are driven by digital servo motors. This enables smooth motion at both low and high speeds and flexible product release.
A stylish design minimizes the footprint.
Use of aluminum provides for lightweight construction, high speed take-out, and precise positioning.



  • Energy-savings

    75% less air consumed than by predecessor robotsAir consumption has been reduced by 75% from predecessor models by incorporating Yushin’s propriety ECO Vacuum circuit as a standard feature.

  • Vibration control

    72% shorter settling time than predecessor robotsDesign optimization employed for the SC Series accounts for factors such as natural oscillation and damping characteristics to reduce
    settling time. Used together with other vibration-damping technology, it greatly improves the SC’s vibration management.


    Lighter Weight through Optimization TechnologyYushin R&D employed design optimization to enhance the shape and structure of many SC parts and components for lighter weight. The effort trimmed 16.0kg from the SC’s moving components, 10.1% lighter than the previous SA series model. The SC also enjoys 10.4% faster speeds than the SA without a motor size increase. But the SC was not simply lightweighted.

  • Greater convenience

    E-touch Lite-SC



    YC E Touch II Controller

    New TFT LCD touchscreen( 30,000 colors) for an even clearer display.

    Teaching data may be backed up on SD memory card and easily transferred to another robot.

    The Lead Through Teaching software allows users to modify robot programs as easily as teaching motions. An operator can modify programs alone, just by using the robot’s touchscreen controller, without needing an external computer or specialized programming knowledge. Therefore, users can perform program changes with much less time and expense.

    Other Standard Features

    Corner Shock-Protectors

    Mold data memory (for approx. 300 molds)

    7.5in full-color touchscreen (TFT LCD display)

    Reject Circuit Initial Shots

    Discharge Motion Sampling

    Motion Under-Cut Motion

    Wait on Traverse

    Wait for Descent

    Order High-Cycle Motion

    Production Status Monitor

    Multilingual Display (Japanese + 1 other language standard)

    ECO Mode ECOMonitor®


Yushin SC Models and Specifications

Yushin SC Models and Specifications Yushin SC70 (Under 100tons) Yushin SC150 and SC250 models (100ton-350ton) Yushin SC350 and SC600 models (350tons - 800tons) Yushin SA 850, 1000, 1300 Models Yushin also offer SC models up to 2500tons...please contact blemieux@en-plasinc.com for more details.   More Info

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