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YC 30 – 70 Small Robots

Yushin YC 30 and 70 Model for Small Tonnage applications (under 100tons)

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The NEW Yushin YC 30/70 Series Servo Robot

Optimum design robots YC/YCII series

Optimally designed through joint research with Kyoto University
Optimum Design is what Yushin calls its use of CAE (Computer—Aided Engineering) to determine the theoretically best configuration of a robot based on its mechanisms and movements. This approach has been used in recent years to make aircraft and automobiles lighter and more reliable. Yushin applied this approach to reduce the weight and control the vibrations of the YC series. As a result, power consumption and settling time have been respectively reduced by 26% and 72%, which puts users in position to improve their productivity.

Yushin YC 30 Details

Yushin YC 70 Details

Yushin YC Specs

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