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Yushin RB1800 Servo Robot

Yushin RB 1800 for large tonnage applications.

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Yushin RB 1800 Large Tonnage Robot (1500ton to 2500ton applications)

Yushin RB 1800 Specs

Sealed cable carriers reduces dust contamination from moving cables and wires.

The steel robot traverse beam provides superior rigidity
To meet customers demands for high accuracy and low vibration when performing value-added operations.

Manual centralized lubrication system as standard

2-stage telescopic arm and a cable carrier that does not protrude above the main arm assembly saves overhead clearance for installations in low ceiling plants.

For networked operation.
The network communication port required for production intensive control and monitoring is provided as standard.(System software packages such as Mold Mate and Y-MAPII are required to establish systems for controlling and monitoring actual production.)

Latest controller.
The latest E-touch Web controller is provided as standard, achieving flexible and expandable operation using Windows as its operation system.


Yushin RA 1800 Specs


Model RAII-a-1800S RAII-a-1800D
A 2100
B 1800
C 1730
D 370
E 2100<<2500>>


Power source AC200V (50/60Hz)
Driving method Digital servo motor (3 / 5 axis)
Control method Micro computer control
Air pressure 0.49MPa
Maximum air pressure 0.79MPa
Wrist flip angle 90 deg.
Model RAII-a-1800S RAII-a-1800D
Maximum Power Consumption Triple phase AC200V 10.1A (D type is14.8A)
Traverse Stroke
Standard 3500
L 4500
Vertical Stroke
Main Arm 2100
Sub Arm 2100
Kick Stroke
Main Arm 1800 1565
Sub Arm 1565
Air consumption
liter(Normal) / cycle
135 155
Maximum payload (kg) Less than 50kg*
*The payload varies depending on the take-out robot speed setting

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