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Yushin SXA 300 Side Entry Robot

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Yushin SXA-300V

Take-out cycle time: 0.64sec


SXA 300 Dimensions


Power voltage AC200V (50/60Hz)
Driving method Digital servo motor (3/5 axes)
Control method Micro computer
Air Pressure 0.49MPa
Maximum air pressure 0.79MPa


Model SXA-300 III SXA-300V
Maximum Power Consumption 3-phase AC200V 13.7A
Traverse Stroke
Product side 1600
Runner side - 1050
Kick Stroke
Product side 675
Runner side 565 565
Vertical Stroke (mm) 325
Air consumption
liter(Normal) / cycle
Maximum payload (Including end-of-arm tool) Less than 8 kg
*1 : The payload varies with the robot speed setting.


Side entry type for clean molding environment

This robot contributes to extraction of molded products which requires clean molding environment such as optical parts, medical equipment and food containers,etc. Further more this side-entry robot is good for low-ceiling factories such as clean room, free from dust as no driving mechanism is located above mold.

Hi-power servo motors

Special high-power servo motors are used to optimize acceleration, deceleration and overall speeds.

3/5-axis NC servo motor robot

In addition to the servo motors on the traverse and kick axis, the robot incorporates servo motor on the vertical axis to accommodate down stream operations such as palletizing and for quick change over to new jobs. 3-axis SXA-300III for 2 plates and 5-axis SXA-300V for 3 plates are lined up.

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