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Yushin SX-21-150/250 High Speed Side Entry Robots

Yushin High Speed Side Entry applications with multi axis flexibility (under 300tons)

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Yushin SX-21-150/250(HS)

Take-out time: 0.320sec
SX 21 Dimensions
A side entry robot is used to extract parts using the shortest possible stroke with the robot in standby mode at the side of the molding machine. Because there is no mechanisms above the mold, this method can be used in applications where dust causes problems, such as in clean rooms. The take-out robot can also be installed in plants where there is low overhead clearance.

SX 21 Controller

Color liquid crystal display touch panel on controller
The various functions are displayed using icons for improved readability. The controller is a lightweight hand-held type designed for easy, convenient use.


Model SX-21-150 SX-21-250 SX-21-150-HS SX-21-250-HS
A 2088 2318 2118 2348
B 960 960 990 990
C 1128 1358 1128 1358
D 304 504 274 504
E 700 700 705 705
F 391 391 386 386
G 160 160 165 165
Clamping force 100 – 220ton 180 – 300ton 100 – 220ton 180 – 300ton
*The shapes of the head attachment area and other sections on the HS type are slightly different, and there is no H dimension.
Power voltage AC200V (50/60Hz)
Driving method Digital servo motor (2 axes)
Control method Micro computer
Working pressure 5kgf/cm2 (72.5PSI)
Maximum allowable pressure 8kgf/cm2 (116PSI)
Model SX-21-150/250 SX-21-150/250-D SX-21-150/250-HS
Maximum Power Consumption 3-phase AC200V 7.9A
Traverse Stroke
1500 *2
Kick Stroke
400 *2
Air consumption
liter(Normal) / cycle
5 18 5
Maximum weigh capacity kg (lbs.) 2Kg Max. *1
*1 : It is possible to increase the maximum weight capacity depending on the speed acceleration and deceleration data.
*2 : 150 model has the same stroke as 250 model.

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