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GST Compact Granulators

All machines in the GST series feature a compact soundproofed enclosure and sound dampening hoppers and best suited for injection and blow molding applications.

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Specially designed for blow and injection molding

General Description

All machines in the GST series feature a compact soundproofed enclosure and sound dampening hoppers. The granulators are available in two rotor diameters, 250 and 400 mm with widths ranging from 300 to 1000 mm. While the smaller machines feature an open F rotor the bigger machines rely on a heavier S rotor. The curved back wall of the cutting chamber ensures an aggressive ingestion while also avoiding blockages. The rigid design makes them dependable units and includes advanced standard features such as replaceable wear plates. As on all ZERMA granulators the rotor and stationary knives are adjusted outside of the machine to reduce downtime for maintenance.


The compact inline granulators of the GST series are primarily designed for use in blow molding applications to recycle voluminous parts such as bottles, canisters and crates, as well as blow molding flush and injection sprues. The low feeding height makes them suitable for both hand and conveyor feeding of these parts. The low noise level and small footprint makes them the perfect fit for inline recycling operations.


  • compact design
  • Soundproofed chamber and hopper
  • Aggressive infeed and curved back wall
  • Large screen area
  • Knives are adjusted outside of the machine


The GST granulators are designed for the inline recycling of voluminous parts such as bottles and canisters in blowmoulding applications.
The tangential cutting chamber paired with the aggres- sive open rotor design ensures reliable ingestion of voluminous parts. The curved cutting chamber backwall reduces the risk of parts getting stuck.
The cutting chamber sits in a soundproofed enclosure to ensure quiet inline operation. The rotor and screen area are easily accesible without for cleaning and maintenance.

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