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Size reduction solution for brittle materials.

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Size reduction solution for brittle materials

General Description

The ZHM series of hammer mills feature heavy duty rotors ranging from 600 to 800 mm diameter and widths between 800 and 1200 mm directly driven via V-beltsThe fixed rotor tools, heavy counter knives and several rows of pre breakers create high impact powers and throughput rates while make tool changes fast and easy. All tools and wear parts are manufactured from highly wear resistant steel. The housing design inherits the advantages of the proven GSH granulator design, such as the diagonally divided cutting chamber and hydraulic screen cradle for easy maintenance and servicing.Various screen sizes allow for a wide range of applications and degrees of disintegration.

ZHM Literature


Traditionally hammer mills are used in the wood industry to generate sawdust, but proved useable in other industries as well as a size reduction solution for brittle materials such as glass, bakelite and later on plastic such as PVC.In the PVC industry it is still used to separate used window profiles from their metallic reinforcement and fittings. The main purpose for the ZERMA ZHM today is the processing of electronic waste, such as whole computers, white goods and ICBs.The main advantage in these processes lies in its insensitivity to contamination and abrasive materials while being able to achieve a rather small output material.Through the high degree of disintegration it is possible to achieve good separation results in the following processes.


  • Suitable for highly contaminated or abrasive materials
  • Fixed hammer design+ Heavy Duty design
  • High throughput rates
  • Easy tool change and maintenance
  • good disintegration of mixed input materials


The ZHM hammer mill features a flat rotor with innovative welded tool holders. This heavy duty rotor design ensures a smooth operation on various materials.
The single piece tools used in the ZHM hammer mill are made from highly wear resistant steel, this increases their lifetime during heavy applications and makes changes quick and easy.
The combination of pre breakers and counter knives create a high impact powers resulting in a high degree of disintegration and high throughput rates.

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