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New development in Single Shaft Shredders by CMG


CMG has developed a new HYBRID shredder that has more application versatility than other shredders available. Having developed highest quality granulators for over 32 years, this technology and manufacturing ability has enabled CMG to offer a truly unique shredder design. It is truly the only shredder that cuts like a granulator


Over 32 years in operation, CMG offers 42 models of size reduction equipment and has built over 6,000 machines for the US market. For 17 years their machines were private labeled for Cumberland Engineering and 5 years with Gloucester Engineering. Over 40 people are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of size reduction equipment. Building to the high quality standards of ISO 2001:2008, with 100% inspection assures correct fit, rotor alignment, and interchangeability.


The patented cutting design offer the ability to process the full range of material from thin films to heavy solid purgings…all with one rotor…. No need to change out rotors. The easy access, drop down screen and cradle, offers easy servicing and the ability to control the particle size. Over 200 shredders in operation.


LDPE Film, LLDPE Film, HMWPE Pipe, Fiber, Carpeting, Wire and Cable, All types of Solid purgings (up to 500 lbs in the 48×48), Bulky tanks, Wooden Pallets, TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber processed down to3/8”), Nylon Fishing Nets, Polycarbonate Sheet, etc. ….ALL WITH ONE ROTOR The Material can be loaded in the hopper before starting and the hydraulic ram will monitor loading into the cutter to provide maximum through put and energy savings.