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Nissei DC600 – 2 shot machine

Used Year 2004 En-Plas Nissei Model DC600-50-18A

Double Injection Molding Machine with Rotary Platen and NC9300T Controller

Specially designed for heavy duty molds

**** Only 14,100 hours!

* Now located at Enplas

* Specialized platens, machine frame, base and carriers, reinforced rotary mechanism all designed to support a maximum mold weight of 3.0 x 2 metric tons on the movable side



Clamp force:                                                        600 U.S. Tons

Clamping stroke                                                   850 mm (33.47″)

Min . mold thickness                                           350 mm (11.81″)

Max. daylight opening                                         1200 mm ( 47.25″)

Tie Bar clearance (HxV):                                     1515 mm x 565 mm (59.65″ x 22.25″)

Die plate dim.( HxV) stationary platen               1830 mm x 1030 mm (72.05″ x 40.56″)

Ejector stroke:                                                      130 mm (5.12″)


INJECTION UNITS         50A                                                        18A

Screw diameter                    63 mm (2.48″)                                        36mm (1.42”)

Shot size:                              21.40 oz.                                                4.96 oz

Injection Pressure                 18,130 PSI                                             32,279 PSI

Screw stroke                        205 mm (8.07”)                                      145 mm (5.71”)

Screw speed:                        0-150 RPM Constant Torque                 0-155 RPM

150-210 RPM Variable Torque              155-240 RPM


Pump motor:                                                        75 HP

Primary voltage /phase/cycle:                              575/3/60

Heater voltage/phase/cycle:                                 230/3/60

Heater band capacity                                           24.84 KW

Control circuit:                                                     24 volt DC

NOTE:  Heater voltage requires separate 230 volt supply



Machine weight:                                                  25.0 U.S. Tons

Hydraulic oil:                                                       1700 litres

* Hydraulic oil can be supplied by En-Plas for an additional charge *



  1. Rotary platen
  2. Cycle counter
  3. Centralized lubrication system
  4. Screw cold start preventing circuit
  5. Hydraulic oil temperature upper and lower limit warnings
  6. Water saver valve
  7. Mounting pads
  8. Machine colour Nissei green
  9. Dual corepull
  10. Special cooling circuits
  11. Special ejector patterns
  12. Special nozzles




Electronic controller with 6 speeds/3 holding

pressure and 3 limit pressure profiling, shot discrimination

and mold open/close linear encoders, colour screen and graphics,

and 1 floppy disk,


High resolution colour 10.4″ touch flat screen.

30 mold storage in machine with removable disk drive to store up to 100 mold set-ups with 1 floppy disk.

Input/output analog displayed with explicit error messages.

RS232 port for printer

PID Control for barrel and oil with auto tuning on nozzle

Proportional control of the pump for all functions of the machine

Linear encoder for measurement of clamp, injection, ejection position

Optically isolated control system (Protection from electrical noise).

Real time graphics for injection functions.

Auto purging

6 step injection speed profiling.

6 step injection pressure profiling (3) fill, (3) hold.

Sprue break

Digital back pressure

2 speeds for plasticizing

3 mold opening and closing speeds plus 2 stage high pressure clamp.

Multi-stage hydraulic ejector control

Set value graphics for profiles for injection.

Interlock for part detection (not including sensor).

Core pull control software.

Graphic and alpha-numeric printing capability

Injection boost to hold switch over by time, position, hydraulic pressure or cavity sensor (individually or in combination)

Air blow software control

Real time clock

Cycle time monitoring and analysis

Interface for standard plant monitoring systems.

History reporting of machine cycle conditions and set-up changes

Quick machine set-up via a single page

Forced reject count.

Clamp retry up to 2 times.

Digital display of screw position, ejection and clamp with bar display of current position

Standard graph display for injection profile

Monitor tolerance window can be assigned for reject outputs.

Out of 17 processing variables, 8 can be recorded and can be selected and displayed.

Graphic printouts can be generated.  Average and standard deviations are calculated.  Printer

not included

SPC option

Standby temperature program so when machine goes into alarm temperature drops to standby

(selectable for on/off).

High/low oil temperature alarm with solenoid control of water to maintain set temperature

Emergency temperature off for lights out operation selectable on/off


Total run time.

Grand total shot display.

Calendar function to turn barrel heat on automatically with option to add dryer, mold temp controller and spare

Unique machine identification through the controller alpha numeric characters

Ejector backward confirmation by position through front screen

Mould ejector plate backward confirmation input software included (hardware extra)


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