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Used 1800Ton Welltec

Used 2007 Welltec Model TT1-1800F2R/CSA Injection Molding Machine in good running condition

Used 2007 Welltec Model TT1-1800F2R/CSA Injection Molding Machine with B & R controller in good running condition:

Videos available upon request.


Screw diameter mm 145
Shot weight g 9586
Shot weight (PS) oz 338.2
Length/Diameter ratio L/D 20
Injection Pressure (High pressure & low speed) kg/cm2 1522
Injection pressure (Low pressure & high speed) kg/cm2 1180
Plasticising capacity (PS) kg/hr 882
Screw speed Max rpm 100
Nozzle contact force kN 265
Carriage stroke mm 850
Clamping force ton ton 1800
Max. daylight mm 3000
Clamping stroke mm 1500
Distance between tie bars mm 1600 x 1400
Minimum mould dimension mm 1100 x 980
Max Mould thickness range mm 700-1500
Ejector force kN 326
Ejector stroke mm 380
No. of ejector pins unit 25
Main motor power Hp/kw 200/150
Voltage 600/230
No. of heater zones unit 5+1
Heater input kw 47
Tank capacity L 2000
Machine weight ton 100


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