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Used Nissei FN3000 140ton Molding Machine

Used 1999 Nissei (FN140) FN3000 – 25A Injection Unit 140ton Molding Machine with 9300T controls


Nissei FN Series



Mold clamping force:                                          154 U.S. Tons

Mold clamping stroke                                          600 mm (23.62”)

Minimum mold thickness                                    250 mm (9.84”)

Maximum daylight opening                                 850 mm (33.46”)

Clearance between tie bars (HxV)                       480 mm x 480 mm (18.90” x 18.90”)

Die plate dimensions ( HxV)                               700 mm x 700 mm (27.56” x 27.56”)

Ejector stroke                                                       90 mm (3.54”)

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