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Used Nissei FN460 500ton Hydraulic Molding Machine

Used Year 2007 Nissei Model FN460-160A Injection Molding machine with 51880 HRS              

With TACT controller, 80 mm hardened barrel and screw

(2) Hydraulic corepull, (1) Air core pull, Air blow off circuit

Non-insulated barrel cover, Cycle counter, Centralized manual lubrication system

Screw cold start preventing circuit

Hydraulic oil temperature upper and lower limit warnings

Water saver valve, Mounting pads

*Optional Tecnomagnete Magentic Platens



Clamp force:                                                        501 U.S. Tons

Molding clamp stroke                                          1025 mm (40.35”)

Minimum mold thickness                                    375 mm (14.76”)

Maximum daylight opening                                1400 mm (55.12”)

Clearance between Tie Bars (HxV):                   820 mm x 820 mm (32.28″ x 32.28″)

Die plate dimensions (HxV):                               1190 mm x 1190 mm (46.85″ x 46.85″)

Ejector stroke:                                                      160 mm (6.30”)


Screw diameter:                                                   80 mm (3.15″-B)

Shot size:                                                              53.90 oz. G.P.P.S.

Injection Pressure:                                               22396 PSI

Screw speed:                                                        0-120 RPM Constant torque

120-180 RPM Variable torque


Pump motor kW:                                                 75 HP

Primary voltage/phase/cycle:                               575/3/60

Heater voltage/phase/cycle:                                 230/3/60

Control circuit:                                                     24volt DC

NOTE:  Heater voltage requires separate 230volt supply

* Note: Customer must supply:

 * ISOLATION (NOT AUTO) transformer for stability of power and for filtering electrical noise

* All other electrical connections as required


Hydraulic oil required:                                        1310 litres

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