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Used Nissei FNX140 Hybrid Machine (2008)

A rare opportunity as used hybrid Nissei machines are virtually impossible to find!




Clamping force:                                                   154 U.S. Tons

Clamping stroke                                                   600 mm (23.62”)

Minimum mold thickness                                    250 mm (9.84”)

Maximum daylight opening                                 850 mm (33.46”)

Clearance between tie bars (HxV)                       510 mm x 510 mm (20.07” x 20.07”)

Die plate dimensions (HxV)                                730 mm x 730 mm (28.74” x 28.74”)

Min. mold dimensions (HxV)                              340 mm x 340 mm (13.38” x 13.38”)

Ejector stroke                                                       90 mm (3.54”)


Screw diameter:                                                   45 mm (1.77” -A)

Shot size:                                                             9.57 oz. G.P.P.S.

Injection Pressure:                                               30,075 PSI

Screw rotation speed:                                          0-240 RPM


Pump motor kW:                                                 20

Voltage including heater and motor/phase/cycle: 230/3/60

 NOTE:  Transformer can be provided from 600/3/60 to 230/3/60 for an additional cost


Hydraulic oil quantity requirements:        360 litres

*Oil can be supplied by En-Plas for an additional charge

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  1. Tool kit for set up and maintenance
  2. Spare parts package
  3. Cycle counter
  4. Centralized manual lubrication system
  5. Screw cold start preventing circuit
  6. Hydraulic oil temperature upper and lower limit warnings
  7. Water saver valve
  8. Mounting pads
  9. Hopper magnet
  10. Mould clamps
  11. Air blow off circuit
  12.  Non-insulated barrel cove
  13.    Hardened barrel and screw –45mm


Man-machine interface

* Original form planned carefully for “easy operation”

* Bright and easy to see 12.1 inch color liquid crystal display

* Operation through quick response, high resolution touch panel screen

* The tilting mechanism can change the screen angle according to the height of the operator

* Inheritance of the selector switch with excellent operability and few operation errors.

* Display with the largest number of languages in the industry.

Six language display (English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and Thai) is provided as         standard equipment

Quick response and high repeatability

* High speed control with the injection scanning time of 500 usec.

The response and repeatability of injection process control and V-P changeover control have been improved. The system displays its great power especially in high-cycle molding and small –volume precision molding

Control specifications for various condition settings:

*6-velocity, 3 pressure, 3-limit pressure injection process control for wide ranging condition setting.

*4- stage clamping velocity, 5-stage mold opening velocity including a slow speed mold opening mode , and multi stage ejection control (selection of ejection operation from among 4 patterns is acceptable)

Reinforced quality control functions (improved molding quality judgement function)

* A maximum of 8 items from among 23 molding monitor items (24 items for hydraulic type) can be selected freely.

*The statistical result of molding monitor data can set as the product quality judgement condition

A variety of molding programs that will meet various molding needs are provided as standard equipment

CPN2 (Clamping compression molding)

The clamping compression is conducted right after injection filling. This is effective in releasing stress in products and degassing

MIP0 (Processing inside mold)

Ejector operation during clamping permits gate cutting and partial compression of products.

(Sequential operation only)

Complete functions and equipment

* Ladder programming function open to users

A simple interface program for auxiliary equipment can be created freely through the screen on   the molding machine.

* Display of 1,000 items of operation history is useful for maintenance and quality control.             (Operation mode change, condition change, errors etc)

* A maximum of 300 molding conditions can be saved

* Simultaneous temperature heat up of nozzle and barrel prevents carbonization and deterioration of resin in the nozzle

* Image data can be taken into the controller. Molding conditions and product images can be controlled as a set and the work standard can be displayed on the screen.

* A compact flash memory (option) is adopted as an external memory. It can be used to save molding conditions (a maximum of 300 conditions) and waveform data, as well as to transfer      image data.

* USB connector provided as standard equipment – connection with a commercial printer (model specified) and external memory (compact flash memory) is possible

* LAN connector provided as standard equipment – it is possible to connect the system to the quality/production control system “PQ Manager”, molding data collecting/recording/analyzing    system “DLA5”, and some other auxiliary equipment as well as to another personal computer


Used Equipment may have had modifications made to them that En-Plas Inc. is unaware of and take no responsibility for. Specifications listed on our used equipment pages may differ from actual specifications on the equipment and are meant solely as a guideline.