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Yushin RC600 Year 2011 Servo Robot

Late Model (Low Hours) Yushin Model RC11-600S-25-15.5 Servo Traverse Robot (like new condition and low hours)

With Easy to use E-Touch II Controller

****Please note kick beam separated from traverse beam for shipping purposes.


Power source:                                                      AC200 Volts (60 hz)

Driving method:                                                  Digital servo motor (3 axis)

Control method:                                                  Micro computer controller

Operating air pressure:                                         0.49MPa

Maximum air pressure:                                        0.79MPa

Wrist flip angle:                                                   90 degrees by air

Max. electrical consumption:                              3 phase/200V AC/7.6A

Traverse stroke:                                                 2500 mm

Vertical stroke, main arm:                                1550 mm

Kick stroke, main arm:                                     1065 mm

Air consumption:                                                 16 (l(normal)/ Cycle)

Maximum Payload:                                             * 15 kg (including end of arm tool)


–  Large highly visible monitor – 10.4 inch full colour touch panel

– Extra tough construction

– Easy operation – directional pad makes navigating easy

– Settings and menus are icon-based

– Audio guidance gives vocal clues to support complex operations.


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