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Used Injection Molding Machines

Nissei DC600 – 2 shot machine

Used Year 2004 En-Plas Nissei Model DC600-50-18A Double Injection Molding Machine with Rotary Platen and NC9300T Controller Specially designed for heavy duty molds **** Only 14,100 hours! * Now located at Enplas * Specialized platens, machine frame, base and carriers, reinforced rotary mechanism all designed to support a maximum mold weight of 3.0 x 2 metric tons on the movable side SPECIFICATIONS CLAMP UNIT Clamp force:                                                        600 U.S. Tons Clamping stroke                                                   850 mm (33.47") Min . mold thickness                                           350 mm (11.81") Max. daylight opening                                         1200 mm ( 47.25") Tie Bar clearance (HxV):                                     1515 mm x 565 mm (59.65" x 22.25") Die… More Info


2 tiebars for a 700ton Nissei Model FV9100 - 1997 or newer Please note:  tiebars are not exactly as shown More Info

Used Nissei FN110 Year 2007

Late Model Year 2007 En-Plas Nissei Model FN110-18A Injection Molding Machine With TACT Controller SPECIFICATIONS CLAMP UNIT Mold clamping force:                                          123 U.S. Tons Mold clamping stroke                                          520 mm (20.47”) Minimum mold thickness                                    200 mm (7.87” Maximum daylight opening                                720 mm (28.35”) Clearance between tie bars (HxV)                      420 mm x 420 mm (16.54” x 16.54”) Die plate dimensions (HxV)                                607 mm x 607 mm (23.90” x 23.90”) Ejector stroke                                                       85 mm (3.35”) INJECTION UNIT Screw diameter:                                                   36mm (1.42”-A) Shot size:                                                              4.9oz. G.P.P.S. Injection Pressure:                                               32280 PSI Screw speed:                                                        0~290 RPM ELECTRICAL UNIT Pump motor KW:                                                18.5 Primary voltage/phase/cycle:                               575/3/60 Heater voltage/phase/cycle:                                … More Info

35+ Years working with Nissei

Acting as the sole stocking distributor for Nissei  injection molding machines in Canada, En-plas Inc.has been selling & servicing Nissei machines for the last 35+ years.

Refurbished with Warranty

We also apply our extensive expertise to every used Nissei Machine that we sell. It all starts with En-plas Inc. refurbishment program – where we conduct a thorough analysis by testing, replacing suspect parts, running a diagnostic check, recalibrating (if necessary) and making the robot look and function like new. In many cases we even attach a warranty on the equipment as part of our “VALUE ADDED” approach.