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*20 in mold moves at .1mm accuracy to avoid horn pins, lifters and slides
*Double flip wrist so we can insert on stationary and movable half of mold
*Both flip wrist can flip 90 degree to allow horizontal pick from nest and place finished product on table for operator
*Placing 4 inserts on movable half and 6 inserts on stationary half of mold onto pins on both sides
*Utilizing a guided double acting cylinder to extend and remove product left and right hand with a tunnel-gated sprue. This allows us to retract with products and sprue to allow smaller daylight and off set insert load
*Using En-Plas Custom Proprietary self-designed magnetic fingers along with a custom nest, to pick and eject all 10 inserts with verification
*Custom made insert table with Keyence light curtains with ergonomic layout for operator
*Custom made insert nest holders to locate and orientate 10 inserts loaded with a operator but have a Go no Go feature to avoid human error with verification
*Visual LED lighting to guide operator when to enter and not to enter work envelope
*Visual LED light to confirm all inserts are loaded in proper orientation
*Insert table has custom floor location points to allow insert fixture to be removed and replaced with minimal effort and save accuracy for fast start up
*All work envelope made with aluminum extrusion and powder coated mesh with canopy for long durability and safety
***please note video demonstrates trial run***

Custom Automation designed in house by En-Plas Inc.

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