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Welcome Wemo Automation to the Yushin Family

Värnamo (Sweden), May 16, 2023 (Svensk version nedan)

Project Arkturus: Yushin Precision Equipment (Japan) (“Yushin”) will acquire 100% of the shares of Wemo Automation AB (Sweden) (“Wemo”) from HAHN Group (Germany) (“HAHN”)

On May 16, 2023, Yushin and HAHN Group have signed an agreement on the acquisition of 100% of the outstanding shares of Wemo by Yushin. Wemo is one of the leading manufacturers of linear robots and automation cells for the plastics industry in Europe. Yushin is operating in the same field with outstanding market positions in Asia and North America. Under its new ownership, Wemo will remain a strong brand for the European market and build the foundation for Yushin’s expansion on the continent. The decision to sell Wemo, with a lineup of standardized products, is part of HAHN Group’s strategy to focus on its core business of providing tailor-made factory automation solutions to customers from the automotive, medical technology, electronics, and consumer goods industries.

Being a direct subsidiary of RSBG SE, the mid-cap investment company of RAG- foundation, it was a key priority for HAHN and RSBG to find a new home for Wemo that creates a great prospect for the company. Yushin is exactly that partner. RSBG is an evergreen investor, however, RSBG reviews its portfolio continuously to ensure that all its companies have the possibility to prosper under best ownership

“We’re excited about Wemo’s technological prowess, high-quality manufacturing, and service, which are a great addition to our portfolio. Under Wemo’s leadership, Yushin can expand its market position in Europe and benefit from Wemo’s broad distributor network” explains Takayo Kotani, Yushin CEO, the background of the transaction.

Philipp Unterhalt, Co-CEO HAHN Group adds that “after the rapid growth of the last few years, the HAHN Group is focusing even more on its core business as a manufacturer-independent integrator for factory automation. Nevertheless, we want to live up to our obligation to find the most successful perspective for every company and team and are therefore pleased to be able to win Yushin as a stable partner for Wemo.”

“The new partnership with Yushin offers many perspectives for Wemo and its employees,” says Johannes Kjellgren, CEO of Wemo. And further: “We already speak the same language in terms of linear robotics, quality standards and ambitions. With further innovations and the leadership of the European market, Wemo is now given new momentum for further growth.”

The deal is expected to be completed within the next weeks.