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Indoor Central Chillers

Mokon’s Iceman air-cooled and water-cooled central chillers provide a self-supporting plant-wide source of chilled water. They are offered in single and dual-circuit configurations to meet your processing requirements, and are available in 30 to 120 ton cooling capacities.
Utilizing either scroll or semi-hermetic discus compressors, Mokon central chillers are highly efficient, as well as extremely accurate and reliable. Available with microprocessor or Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller for the highest available means of accurate temperature control with varying features based on your processing requirements.

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Central Chiller Pump Tank Brochure

Mokon’s Central Chiller systems are available in 30 to 120 Ton cooling capacities, single or dual-circuit configurations to meet your processing requirements and scroll or semi-hermetic discus compressors. Our dependable, energy-efficient systems are your source for continuous centralized process cooling down to 20°F (-7°C).

Accurate, Reliable and Efficient

  • Available in 30 ton to 120 ton cooling capacities
  • Supply process fluid control down to 20ᄚF
  • Single or dual circuit designs
  • Air-cooled or water-cooled condensing
  • Scroll or semi-hermetic discus compressors
  • Automatic compressor staging for capacity control
  • Electronic hot gas bypass
  • Carel Microprocessor or Allen-Bradley PLC controls
  • Combination central chiller and pump tank systems available

Maximum Safety and Low Maintenance

  • NEMA 4 rated enclosure
  • Low and high refrigerant pressure safety devices
  • Welded steel frame
  • Refrigeration shut-off valve
  • Digital freeze stat protection

The Carel Pc03

Carel Controller

The Carel pCO3 is the standard controller for dual circuit central chillers and is one of the controllers available. Features include an advanced programmable microprocessor based controller with software especially designed for chiller applications and a programmable color LCD touch screen display with industry standard graphic symbols that indicate modes of operation and system performance. Additional features include multiple digital or analog signal input and output capabilities and real-time clock with running hour meter that logs compression run time. This Carel controller ensures our customers the most accurate control technology with the most current communication capabilities and control features on the market.

Custom Controls

Mokon’s ability to meet customersメ specific requirements is seen not only in custom system designs, but also in controls. Our engineers can custom design a control package that meets your specific processing needs, from brand name controls, to direct computer/host machine interfacing. All of which can be expected with the same quality and durability that our customers expect from our complete line of temperature control systems.

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