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Outdoor Air Cooled Chillers

Outdoor Air-Cooled Central Chillers from Mokon are designed for exterior installation, freeing up valuable indoor equipment space. They are available from 10 ton capacities and larger.
Mokon Outdoor Central Chillers are compact, completely factory wired, and have easy lifting provisions for quick and trouble-free installation. They are factory tested and arrive on site in complete working order, eliminating any potential start-up problems. When combined with a Mokon pump tank, they provide a highly engineered quality solution to your plant chilled water problem.
Each chiller features the most advanced microprocessor chiller control technology and components to provide you with the highest degree of accuracy and ease-of-use while in operation. Optional control interfaces are available.

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Central Outdoor Chillers

Outdoor Air-Cooled Central Chillers from Mokon are designed for exterior installation, freeing up valuable indoor equipment space. Systems are available from 20 Ton capacities and larger.

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Indoor Central Chillers

Mokon’s Iceman air-cooled and water-cooled central chillers provide a self-supporting plant-wide source of chilled water. They are offered in single and dual-circuit configurations to meet your processing requirements, and are available in 30 to 120 ton cooling capacities.
Utilizing either scroll or semi-hermetic discus compressors, Mokon central chillers are highly efficient, as well as extremely accurate and reliable. Available with microprocessor or Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller for the highest available means of accurate temperature control with varying features based on your processing requirements.

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Cooling Towers

Mokon Cooling Towers are designed with the latest technology to reduce your operating costs while providing an energy-efficient and reliable source of cooling water for plant-wide applications. Two types of cooling towers are offered, constructed of either state-of-the-art HDPE plastic or rugged galvanized steel.
Our high-density polyethylene cooling towers include forced-draft (up to 100 tons) or induced-draft (100 tons and larger) designs. Both designs offer efficient means of cooling that require minimal space and reduced maintenance. The PVC water distribution system and fill material provide even distribution of water and high-efficiency cooling while extending the life of the components due to their noncorrosive nature.
Energy-efficient galvanized cooling towers from Mokon feature an induced-draft, cross-flow design (10 tons and larger), saving on fan and pump power. These towers feature a water distribution system, which utilizes gravity flow for energy savings and a unique nozzle design for precise distribution over the PVC film fill.

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Pump Tank Systems

Mokon offers a variety of standard pump tank sizes and configurations to meet your cooling requirements. Capacities from 250 gallons and larger are available as standard models, in single, dual and three pump configurations. Available in stainless steel, plastic, fiberglass or epoxy-coated carbon steel tank construction. Mokon can also customize a pump tank to fit your unique process cooling water requirements.

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Mokon C3 Cold Climate Coolers

Mokon’s C3 Cold Climate Cooler System offers a cost-effective solution to process cooling in cold weather areas. The system uses ambient air temperature to cool fluid in a closed loop system that requires no make-up water or expensive chemical treatments.
The C3 system saves water and energy and is environmentally friendly. The system also extends the life of your chiller. During cold weather, you can turn off your chiller and use the Cold Climate Cooler.
The C3 system is also an ideal addition to a Mokon central chiller and pump tank system. The Cold Climate Cooler can be integrated to provide maximum cooling at minimal cost!

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