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Magnetic Platens and Quick Mold Change Systems

7 reasons to demonstrate that Tecnomagnete’s are the best choice for a magnetic quick mould change system

1 – More concentrated power
The particular layout of the magnetic poles generates the highest clamping force compared to any other magnetic system available on the market. The max holding force is achieved within a very compact area: we guarantee the max force even on small molds.

2 -Predetermined force
The bi-directional magnetic circuit is made by North and South poles able to generate a constant magnetic
strength. No presence of inducted (“false”) poles.
Just count the number of poles covered by the mold to estimate the holding force.

3 – Flux under control
The perfect balancing of the North/South areas allows the monoblock structure to be “Neutral” because it does not take part to the magnetic loop; the whole magnetic flux is concentrated exclusively in the polar area.
The ejectors work within a neutral area (not within a magnetized area like with other systems).

4 – Controlled force
The interactive IPC system monitors the real magnetic strength (according to the size of the mold and its contact with the magnetic surface) and displays the value on the touch screen.
Besides the IPC system guides “step by step” the mold setter during the mold change procedure preventing any possible mistake.

5 – Stable contact area
The full contact area with the mould is made in steel with same durability factor to dynamic and thermal stress.
The area between the poles is filled by a special epoxy resin; the under surface level positioning helps to stabilize the temperature and to avoid any possible “air-gap” in case of micro expansions.

6 – Skilled partner
Tecnomagnete is involved since 1974 in permanent-electro magnets for industry sector, with an exclusive
and remarkable know-how.
All the competitors refer to Tecnomagnete original patents and technologies.

7 – Original and guaranteed
QUAD PRESS and PRESSTEC are the most used Quick Mold Change magnetic system in the world with more than 8000 IMM equipped worldwide, with a qualified local service

Magnetic Platens In UseMagnetic Platens In Use

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