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Magnetic Platens

Tecnomagnete Quad Press Magnetic Platens up to 4400tons

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Tecnomagnete Quad Press Magnetic Platens up to 4400tons


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Quad-Press – A quick mould change

1)Insert the mould into the press.
2)Place the mold on fixed side of the machine, taking as reference the centering ring.
3)Close the press.
4)Magnetization procedure for both fixed an moving side modules.
5)Remove the brackets: the machine is ready to work.
A magnetically clamped mold is subject to neither deformations nor to inner tensions.
The force is distributed uniformly throughout the contact area, instead of only being applied on the external edges of the base-plate, as it happens when traditional clamping methods are used.

PressTec is the next generation of advanced magnetic clamping, as it provides the same CONCENTRATED, BI-DIRECTIONAL, HIGH FORCE magnetic circuit as our Quad-Press system, with the advantage of a FULL-METALLIC SURFACE in a thinner plate.

The magnets are the thinnest magnets available, ONLY 46mm thick each. Our pole design allows us to locate magnetic poles closer to the center of the platen than ANY other system.

Hence; our system will provide the HIGHEST available force on the smallest mold sizes.

Tecnomagnete provides a BI-DIRECTIONAL magnetic circuit, which provides the HIGHEST performance in

the industry… Hands Down! The technology provides unmatched balance, as the balance is pole-to-pole

and NOT pole to frame. Further; our magnet frames are ALWAYS neutral and this reduces the possibility

of residual magnetism being inducted into your tooling.


Tecnomagnete’s system design provides the greatest overall clamping force and the best performance over

an air-gap. This performance is confirmed in the air-gap chart we provide for all of our systems (See Attached).

Tecnomagnete is the ONLY company to offer such a confirmation, because weメre the only company that can!


Tecnomagnete’s control provides safety via both a flux sensor and a proximity sensor. This dual system is

active on EVERY mold and EVERY mold set-up. The system actively confirms safety prior to allowing a magnetic

tool set-up and it does not require a special set-up to confirm safety. Further, the control offers flexibility to

safely run a mold with a safety system, should openings over a flux sensor occur. Competitive systems can

NOT operate in this common condition, as they operate with only a single safety system.


The quality of the molded part is constant in time.

First in Force

Each 80HC square pole generates a constant, predictable and concentrated force of 1000 kg.
This force improves the performances to an unbeatable level, giving a greater available force in a smaller contact area.

Flexibility and convenience

Lead time is strongly reduced; now the SMED production is a reality.

Moulds of any size, even bigger than the machine plates are easily clamped with no modification.

Quad-Press is maintenance free, due to it doesn’t present any mechanical component inside.


A wide range of features for the control of the current, the magnetic flux, the positioning and the presence of the mould guarantee the maximum operational built-in safety.

The new IPC system is available on request with the touch-screen device.
IPC follows step-by-step the machine operator during mold change procedure and give in real-time the actual clamping force generated on the mold.

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