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Used Injection Molding Machines


2 tiebars for a 700ton Nissei Model FV9100 - 1997 or newer Please note:  tiebars are not exactly as shown More Info

35+ Years working with Nissei

Acting as the sole stocking distributor for Nissei  injection molding machines in Canada, En-plas Inc.has been selling & servicing Nissei machines for the last 35+ years.

Refurbished with Warranty

We also apply our extensive expertise to every used Nissei Machine that we sell. It all starts with En-plas Inc. refurbishment program – where we conduct a thorough analysis by testing, replacing suspect parts, running a diagnostic check, recalibrating (if necessary) and making the robot look and function like new. In many cases we even attach a warranty on the equipment as part of our “VALUE ADDED” approach.