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Yushin Robots Investment Justification

Just a few of the reasons why your company should invest in yushin automation.

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Just A Few Of The Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest In Yushin Automation

Need help justifying to the boss that investing in robots is the way to go? In today’s global marketplace, investing in technology and automation is the only way to compete with China and the other low cost manufacturing countries. Thankfully, robots have one of the quickest capital paybacks in the industry because of the following rationale: Reduce operating costs by reducing variable costs and labour from piece prices, thus making your company more competitive at a global scale.

  • Improve Product Quality and reduce part defects by minimizing or eliminating manual labour from the process. This allows the machine to cycle consistently and maintain part to part repeatability. In addition, your company will reduce scrap rates due to parts being damaged and marked from being scuffed or dropped.
  • Improve quality of workplace for your employees. Robots are well suited for environments that are hot, dusty or hazardous, thus keeping employee morale high.
  • Increased flexibility for part manufacturing – Yushin’s Servo Robots are capable of many tasks such as in-mold labeling (IML), metal insert overmolding, part extraction, packaging and even part assembly.
  • Increases productivity via continuous production with zero “break times” such as “bathroom breaks”, “smoke breaks”, or “lunch breaks”. Also, there will be no cycle inconsistencies due to employee fatigue or chat time during valuable work time. Yushin robots never take holidays, call in sick or complain about being overused and working overtime. They are also fine with working weekends!
  • Automation allows your company to run “Lights Out”. Comply with all safety Rules and improve general workplace safety. This especially applies in large tonnage applications.
  • Save space in high value manufacturing areas. Yushin offers a variety of Robot Mounting Options that can save space (operator, non-op and clamp end discharge).
  • Reduce Labor turnover and difficulty in recruiting reliable and trustworthy employees.
  • Extremely suitable for cleanroom environments where part contamination and human contact with parts is a huge issue.
  • Lastly, you will have En-Plas standing behind you, with our full turnkey solutions and expertise for End Of Arm Tooling and downstream automation design/development.

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