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TD Desiccant Material Dryers

Desiccant Dryers (TD Series) Thermal-D dryers for plastic material processors. Thoreson McCosh has been a leader in providing low-maintenance material handling system since 1947. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest drying, blending, and conveying equipment possible. Since we manufacture nearly forty (40) different types and sizes of efficient, cost effective dryers, you're certain to find the system that best suites your specific needs and requirements. The Thermal-D's totally closed loop valveless drying system is engineered to prevent moisture, dire, and other substances from contaminating processed materials. The Thermal-D Tech microprocessor controlled drying system is completely automatic and self diagnostic. The indexing triple desiccant bed design provides greater absorbing capacity and efficient drying, while using less power and less desiccant. This design also allows the dryer to use the residual regeneration heat that is recovered from cool down to preheat the process air flow, making the unit extremely energy efficient. The… More Info

DVL Portable Material Dryers

Portable Dryers (DVL Series) The Thoreson-McCosh DVL series offers reliable material loading and drying for applications handling volumes from 12 to 120 lbs. per hour. These machines are "mini" material management systems designed to transfer material from a gaylord to a drying hopper. Following material drying, the DVL system then vacuums the dried material from the drying hopper to a one-shot loader located on the molding machine feed throat Centered on a cart base with casters, the Drying Vacuum Loader offers complete portability as well. The DVL Series: Allows quick and easy material changes Is a totally self-contained mini-cell Utilizes a durable two-station vacuum pump (no brush-type motors) Promotes easy maintenance access with "floor unit" design Incorporates a patented three-desiccant bed dehumidifying unit Comes with industry-leading 5 year/30 month Blue Ribbon dryer warranty When if comes to dependability the DVL delivers! Unlike other systems using troublesome single-phase vacuum motors, the DIIL Series uses a brushless motor to provide you with… More Info

Multi Hopper Material Drying System

Multi Hopper Dryers Multiple hoppers are used with one dryer to allow drying and pre-drying for multiple materials. Multiple hoppers reduce the clean-out time between material changes. Individual hopper sizes can very to accommodate material throughput requirements. Individual control of hopper temperature is achieved by a pre-heater at each hopper. This allows the drying of different materials with different drying temperatures. Delta temperature functions allows for hands free method of avoiding material over dry of degradation. Modulating airflow valves regulate individual hopper airflow automatically based on customized operator set-up. Multiple hopper configurations are used to eliminate the need for many small dryers, thereby reducing floor space requirements. More Info

Hot Air Material Dryers

Hot Air Dryers (H Series) Designed to remove surface moisture from non-hygroscopic plastic materials, Thoreson-McCosh Hot Air Drying and Preconditioning Systems efficiently and automatically provide a constant supply of preheated, preconditioned, uniformly-dried material for your extruder or molding machine. Thoreson-McCosh H-Series drying systems are highly-engineered and well-designed products. For example, to prevent material contamination and ensure reliability, the drying air is pulled through filtered intakes before being pressurized and heated. The patented design of the hopper; diffuser combination has undergone extensive testing to ensure that every particle of material has been exposed to identical temperature and time- assurance of consistently uniform material dryness. For maximum drying efficiency, Thoreson-McCosh H-Series drying systems offer the highest air flow rates of any unit in the industry and are guaranteed to meet your stated drying requirements or they can be returned for full credit. Features: Quick heal-up saves lime and money Intake filters help prevent material contamination Highest air-flow rates in the industry Diffuser… More Info

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