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Nissei TACT Controller

New TACT IV controller is equipped with large screen, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & user-friendly premium software to improve workability and operability.  Quality and production management functions also have been reinforced. Available on most models.

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New TACT IV Controller

Have 2 screens open at any time.
Scroll through pages by touching the screen and making a swiping motion.

High-performance & high-functioning TACT IV controller
Larger screen, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & user-friendly premium software are equipped to improve workability & operability, and the quality & production management functions have been reinforced.

Sheet switch type is used for the operation panel, and 15-inch vertical LCD can arrange two windows vertically, materializing superior visibility and operability.

Molding condition settings to increase yield, which used to require a skilled technician, are automated and simplified. Its “Easy Setting” permits the reduction of defect rate.
In addition, new features, such as SET-UP screen and display of the descriptions of adjustments, allow saving of preparation time from mold installation to starting of mass production and materialization of easy & reliable operation.

Control your Nissei injection molding machine as you desire

New TACT IV controller is equipped with large screen, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & user-friendly premium software to improve workability and operability.  Quality and production management functions also have been reinforced.

①It facilitates condition management by compiling important process information into one large 15-inch screen. Excellent visibility, operability, and easy molding condition management have been materialized.

②Each process is displayed in a color-coded chart and a feature that assists to shorten cycle is added.

③Newly-added material change purging circuit optimizes the purging conditions, reducing purging resin amount and time.

④Improved operations of quality & production management and maintenance features.

⑤Newly-added mold open/close response speed selector (high-speed, normal, and low-speed) offers ideal selection according to the processes, such as high-cycle, etc.

⑥Molding condition setting to improve yield, which requires high processing skills, made easy by its “Easy Setting.” By automating and simplifying the molding conditions, it can reduce the defective rate.

⑦Set-up screen and description of the adjusters function will guide you through the setup procedures from mounting mold to starting mass production. It shortens setup time as well as simplifying and ensuring the procedures.

TACT Controller Ladder Logic Programming

Ladder programming function open to users

  • Simple interface programs with peripheral devices can be created freehand on the molding machine screen.

Up to 300 molding conditions (standard specification) can be stored in the internal memory.

Compact flash card used as external storage (Optional)

  • In addition to molding conditions (max. 300 conditions) and profile data, image data can also be stored, thus permitting the user to manage molding conditions together with the corresponding sample images. Operation standard with illustrative images can also be displayed on the TACT screen.

Improved servomotor diagnosis function and load monitoring function

  • Equipped with signal recording function that can confirm servomotor operation, etc. by wave profile
  • The servomotor load monitor, also built in the machine, supports shorter cycles and prevents machine shutdown due to motor overload.

NEX Product Quality Control

Buildup of quality control capability

  • A maximum of 8 items among 23 molding monitor items can be selected arbitrarily.
  • The data from monitoring of molding operations can be compiled in a statistical form so that they can be used for acceptance criteria.

Nissei Central Monitoring System (PQ Manager)

Equipped with USB connector (standard specification)
Equipped with FA-compatible LAN connector (standard specification)

  • The connector provides ready connection with PQ Manager and other peripheral central monitoring systems. This allows the user to obtain a management system for quality control and analysis of moldings at low cost.


  • Man-machine interface
  • Original form planned carefully for easy operation
  • Bright and easy to see 12.1 inch color liquid crystal display
  • Operation through quick response, high resolution touch panel screen
  • The tilting mechanism can change the screen angle according to the height of the operator
  • Inheritance of the selector switch with excellent operability and few operation errors.
  • Display with the largest number of languages in the industry.

Six language display (English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and Thai) is provided as standard equipment

Quick response and high repeatability
High speed control with the injection scanning time of 500 usec. The response and repeatability of injection process control and V-P changeover control have been improved. The system displays its great power especially in high-cycle molding and small volume precision molding

Control specifications for various condition settings:

  • 6-velocity, 3 pressure, 3-limit pressure injection process control for wide ranging condition setting.
  • 4- stage clamping velocity, 5-stage mold opening velocity including a slow speed mold opening mode , and multi stage ejection control (selection of ejection operation from among 4 patterns is acceptable)

Reinforced quality control functions (improved molding quality judgement function)

  • A maximum of 8 items from among 23 molding monitor items (24 items for hydraulic type) can be selected freely.
  • The statistical result of molding monitor data can set as the product quality judgement condition

A variety of molding programs that will meet various molding needs are provided as standard equipment

CPN2 (Clamping compression molding)

The clamping compression is conducted right after injection filling. This is effective in releasing stress in products and degassing

MIP0 (Processing inside mold) Ejector operation during clamping permits gate cutting and partial compression of products.

(Sequential operation only)

Complete functions and equipment

  • Ladder programming function open to users A simple interface program for auxiliary equipment can be created freely through the screen on the molding machine.
  • Display of 1,000 items of operation history is useful for maintenance and quality control. (Operation mode change, condition change, errors etc)
  • A maximum of 300 molding conditions can be saved
  • Simultaneous temperature heat up of nozzle and barrel prevents carbonization and deterioration of resin in the nozzle
  • Image data can be taken into the controller. Molding conditions and product images can be controlled as a set and the work standard can be displayed on the screen.
  • A compact flash memory (option) is adopted as an external memory. It can be used to save molding conditions (a maximum of 300 conditions) and waveform data, as well as to transfer image data.
  • USB connector provided as standard equipment – connection with a commercial printer (model specified) and external memory (compact flash memory) is possible
  • LAN connector provided as standard equipment – it is possible to connect the system to the quality/production control system PQ Manager, molding data collecting/recording/analyzing system DLA5, and some other auxiliary equipment as well as to another personal computer

PQ Manager

PQ Manager

Applicable to a variety of applications, ranging from the quality and production information management for 30 injection molding machines to the quality analysis for one molding machine.

Basic Specifications

  1. Operating condition monitoring
  2. Monitor analysis
  3. Profile collection/analysis
  4. Operation history control
  5. Production control
  6. Molding condition control
  7. Mold maintenance
  8. E-mail transmission
  9. Web monitoring

(Some functions are unavailable for some molding machines.)

Group Control System

Group Control System

  • Connection of computers to multiple machines with TACT permits establishment of a group control system that allows quality analysis and production control for molding machines.
  • Centralized monitoring of our old models, as well as other companies’ models, is possible. (Functions are limited partly.)
  • The e-mail transmission function and the monitoring function that permits remote monitoring through the Web are provided.
  • The profile and monitor data analysis

PQ Manager

Quality Analysis System

Quality Analysis System

Connection of a laptop to a molding machine with TACT through one LAN cable permits establishment of a quality analysis system. In terms of functions, the system is equivalent to the group control system, but this system is effective in monitoring, as well as in quality analysis primarily for profile collection and analysis.

Costly measuring instruments are unnecessary.

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