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Yushin Side Entry Robots

Yushin Side Entry (100 – 1000tons)

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E-touch Web Controller

(Controller for SXA Models Only)

Yushin Webliner Controller (SXA Models Only)For Network Operation
The E-touch Web controller has various networking functions. By establishing a network, you can conduct unitary control of all programs and data, and send data to/from remote plants. Functions available with this E-touch Web controller are copying of teaching data and programs, remote control, and the camera phone that allows you to have real-time communication using camera images and sounds. These functions are available even through the Internet.

To meet with various system environments, servomotors and inputs/outputs can be easily added to this controller. You can create and display screens used for controlling additional devices and downstream equipments. As for additional inputs/outputs, you can add DeviceNet.

For World Wide Use
Adopting WindowsXPe as the operation system, this controller allows you to use general applications and software parts developed for use on personal computers. This allows us to provide customers valuable new functions real fast.

Data transmission via network
Networked operation allows you to copy teaching data directly onto other robots with an E-touch Web controller (floppy discs are not required). A messaging function sends data and information to offices or other robots with an E-touch Web controller.

Remote control
Install remote control software to gain teaching data or update programs via network. This is the expandable function that allows us to provide you technical support in the future.

Memo function
Make a note directly on the display using a touch pen and import images of molded products by connecting a USB camera (optional). You can write directly on images (as shown right) and file the image with teaching data for all operators to access.

Camera phone
The USB camera allows you to telecommunicate between plants and offices via network as if to talk on an intercom. This expandable function enables you to check robot conditions using camera images and allows us to provide telecommunication-based technical support in the future.

Equipped with communication port
A communication port required for production control and monitoring has become standard for this controller. This controller is also used as an information control terminal for the production management factory automation system Y-MAPII.

Lead Through Teaching provided as standard
Provided as standard is a software “Lead Through Teaching” that allows customers to easily add positions and timers, and to set speeds for each robot motion.

Flexible Teaching for Windows (optional)
This is the optional software for creating or modifying programs of WEBLINER RA/RAII robots. This professional-use software allows you to establish circuits for interlocks and error processes that cannot be created with the Lead Through Teaching software.

Take-out robot simulator
Motions can be confirmed without operating a take-out robot in actual so that even unskilled operators can perform teaching at ease. (3-dimensional screen display)

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