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Minitherm Thermalators

The Mokon Minitherm is designed to surpass today’s safety standards, while providing accurate control of your process temperature. The Mokon Minitherm’s compact package fits into tight spaces and reduces floor space requirements.

The system is available with pumping and heating capacities of 10 GPM and 2 or 4 kw, for operation up to 250°F. Each Mokon Minitherm is equipped with a microprocessor based PID control as standard to assure accurate control. This portable eighty-pound system maximizes space while providing long-lasting and reliable temperature control.

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Hydrotherm II Thermalators

Re-engineered to improve accuracy, reliability of operation and increase output, the Hydrotherm II Plus has the highest quality components and construction materials in the industry.

The Hydrotherm II was the first system of its kind with stainless steel as the main component for wetted surfaces, from the stainless steel pump to the stainless steel heater canister and pump suction manifold. Mokonメs Hydrotherm II is unmatched in an industry of carbon steel and cast iron systems.

The Hydrotherm II Plus meets NFPA 79 (National Fire Protection Association) electrrical standards and comes standard with a UL labeled electrical sub-panel. All of these features and more, combined with our extended warranty, make the Hydrotherm II Plus an easy choice for delivering precise temperature control.

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Duratherm Thermalators

Nonferrous water systems designed to provide your process with unmatched control and accuracy up to 250°F. Available in 9 to 96 kw heating capacity, and 25 to 120 gpm pumping capacity.

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Duratherm Dual Zone Thermalators

Mokon’s Dual Zone Duratherm circulating water temperature control system. This vertical design provides two independent zones of control from one location, without increasing the amount of floor space required for operation.

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Duratherm HTP High Temperature Thermalators

Designed for the most restrictive of processes or those requiring higher fluid temperature or pressure. The HTP system adds a cast iron pump to the original design, resulting in the highest temperature and pressure capabilities available.

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Duratherm MAX

Mokon’s Duratherm MAX circulating water temperature control system maximizes performance with temperatures up to 380°F (193°C) and system pressures up to 300 PSI. The Duratherm MAX is ideal for restrictive processes and high temperature water applications.

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Duratherm Full Range System

Mokon’s water-based Full Range temperature control systems offer a combination heating and chilling system all in one package. A Mokon water system, combined with an Iceman chiller, integrates the benefits and features of both products into one compact, self-supporting unit. The Full Range system is available with heating capacities up to 96 kW and up to 40 Ton chilling capacities with a temperature range of -20°F to 300°F (-29°C to 149°C).

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Duratherm NPS (Negative Pressure) Systems

Even a minor cooling circuit leak from stress cracks or bad O-rings can stop operations. But with the Mokon Duratherm NPS negative pressure temperature control system, you can finish the production run without the nuisance of a leak or the costly interruption of a repair. The Duratherm NPS gives you accurate temperature control while creating a negative pressure condition to pull the water through the mold – essentially generating a vacuum to stop the leak and preventing downtime from delaying your process.

Whether your process requires positive pressure (no leaks present) or negative pressure (to stop a leak), Duratherm NPS provides the most efficient means of temperature control. By incorporating a Venturi jet pump and a uniquely designed reservoir, you are provided with a self-supporting means of accurate temperature control up to 180° F in a positive or negative pressure condition.

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Mokon's Leak-Master negative pressure system stops leaks in molds and processes without stopping production. This easily connected, portable unit controls water leaks and flow by means of a progressive cavity pump. The system "pulls" rather than "pushes" the water through the process. Instead of water being forced out, air is drawn into leaking areas around faulty "O" rings, holes in pipes or cracks in molds. Essentially, the system creates a vacuum to effectively stop the leak, so there is no need to shut down production for a mechanical repair. Leak-Master_Bulletin The Leak-Master can be installed quickly for emergency use or as a standby for intermittent use. Applications The Leak-Master can be connected to any process circulating water system. It can be used in conjuction with a direct water supply, a temperature control system or as a booster pump to an existing water system where head losses cause processing problems. Installation and Operation The Leak-Master can be easily installed to your… More Info

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