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Custom Systems Liquid Process Control Systems

Our custom design system capabilities enable us to provide application solutions with Mokon quality and craftsmanship built in.

All of our systems can be customized to match your application perfectly. Mokon prides itself on its ability to engineer and design systems that address specific customer requirements.

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Engineered Systems

Mokon Engineered Systems

Not all process applications have the same specifications. In fact, Mokon customers have come to depend on our thermal and fluid dynamic design philosophies to help them meet their unique process requirements. Our custom design system capabilities enable us to provide application solutions with Mokon quality and craftsmanship built in.

All of our systems can be customized to match your application perfectly. Mokon prides itself on its ability to engineer and design systems that address specific customer requirements including:

Dryer Application:
Water/glycol heat transfer system for heating and cooling of a pressure filter dryer. 100 kW process heaters, 40 PSI, 70 GPM, ASME section VIII code stamped heater and heat exchanger, NEMA 12 electrical, and modulating cooling control

Injection Molding Application:
2-zone water temperature control unit engineered to automotive specifications rated to 250°F (121°C). Mold temperature control system has a Type 4 panel, 12 kW process heaters, Modicon PLC controller on a swivel stand, and custom paint specifications.

Rubber Mixing Application:
3-zone water Mokon temperature control unit engineered to customer specifications with 135 kW process heaters, heat exchangers, air driven industrial cooling valves, 40 gallon tank, all welded frame mounted construction, and custom paint specifications.

Converting Application:
Skid-mounted water temperature control system for a converting line. NEMA 12 electrical components, surfaces custom painted, and 3 zones of 18 kW process heaters up to 60 PSI. Two zones with 600 GPM each; third zone 400 GPM.

Reactor Vessel Application:
Mokon temperature control unit designed for 320°F (160°C) operation using electric process heaters, 20 gallon pressurized tank, NFPA 79 and UL 508A panel with electronic PID digital indicating control, and custom paint specifications.

Web Film Application:
Industrial cooling and process heating skid-mounted water temperature control system with heat exchanger loop, pump and expansion tank. Liquid temperature control features nine zones – 4 zones 9 kW each, 3 zones 18 kW each, and two cooling zones.

Energy Industry:
Oil liquid temperature control and flow regulation of five zones for a gas industrial cooling application. NEMA 12 temperature control system with 270 GPM flow, 20 PSI pressure, 36 kW process heaters, expansion tank, and modulating 3-way cooling valve.

Calender/Roll Heat Removal System:
Mokon heat remover water temperature control unit for industrial cooling application, Zone 1: 18 GPM at 96 PSI, Zone 2: 12 GPM at 51 PSI. System includes NEMA 12 control panel, open base, vertical pumps, heat exchanger and stainless steel tank.

Automotive Industry:
Mokon 3-zone portable water temperature control unit engineered to automotive specifications for mold temperature control. Each zone has 36 kW process heaters and a remote set point retransmission control feature for PLC control.

  • Electrical specifications
  • Control capabilities
  • Unique sizes
  • Specific construction materials
  • Increased fluid flow
  • Increased heating capacities
  • Special colors and much more

Power & Control Panels

Mokon Power & Control Panels

Typical features include:

  • UL and cUL listed sub-panel
  • ESA electrical approval and CSA compatibility
  • NFPA 79: electrical standard for industrial machinery
  • UL 508, NEC, and CEC standards
  • CE Mark and directives compliant
  • NEMA rated enclosures for hazardous and non-hazardous locations
  • Standard, custom, and pre-engineered panels
  • Local or remote panels
  • Custom components, assembly and panel layout drawings

Multi-Zone Process Heating Control Panel:
3 Zone UL 508A Approved electrical control panel for process heating temperature control. The panel has a main door disconnect and each circuit has an electronic PID digital control with high limit safety and fused control circuit.

Pharmaceutical Application:
Water temperature control unit for a hazardous environment (Class I, Division I) including NEMA 7 explosion proof aluminum electrical enclosure, X type purge construction of mechanical compartment, and controller wired through intrinsically safe module.

Conveyor Jacket Heater Control Panel:
NEMA rated UL 508A Approved electrical control panel for process heating temperature control. Mokon panel has 460 Volt 3 Phase main power disconnect, electronic PID digital control, high temperature limit, and fused control circuit.

Hazardous Area Control Panel:
UL Approved control panel located in a hazardous location – Class I, Division II, Group C/D controlling process heaters. Panel has 460 Volt 3 Phase main circuit breaker, single zone, and viewing window for sub-panel mounted electronic control.

Engineered Control Panel:
Custom four door multi-circuit 460 Volt 3 Phase free-standing panel with electronic indicating PID controllers and large screen display.

Food Processing/Medical and Packaging Systems

Mokon Food Packaging and Processing Systems

Medical Application:
Combination heating/chilling temperature control system for clean-room environment of pharmaceutical processing equipment with SS cabinetry and NEMA 4X panel. 5 to 250°F (-15 to 120°C) liquid temperature control using semi-hermetic compressor.

Chemical Mixing Jacketed Application:
Water temperature control system with stainless steel NEMA 4X cabinetry and control panel for wash down application. 50 to 250°F (10 to 120°C) heating/chilling system with 4 kW process heaters and 3 Ton scroll water-cooled chiller.

Pharmaceutical Application:
Closed-circuit liquid temperature control system with NEMA 4X stainless steel cabinet. System contains one zone, 18 kW process heaters, 2-pen temperature chart recorder, 5 gallon SS tank, and a 9 sq.ft. heat exchanger

Food Processing Apllication:
Custom water liquid temperature control system designed for European food processing equipment with CE Mark, process heaters, all stainless steel wetted surfaces and custom color painted cabinet.

Clean Room Application:
Water liquid temperature control systems with NEMA 4X control panel and process heaters. Larger unit has stainless steel louvered panels for wash down resistance; smaller unit completely sealed with 2″ connections for air sweep to dissipate heat.

Vessel Heating Application:
Mokon high temperature and pressure water liquid temperature control system used to heat double-walled vessel. Stainless steel louvered cabinet for wash down resistance with NEMA 4X electrical control panel enclosure and process heaters.

For over 50 years, Mokon has set the standard for high quality circulating liquid temperature control systems in Food Processing, Packaging, and many more industries. At Mokon, we will show you why design makes the difference when it comes to solving your needs for process temperature control.

Mokon gives you the exact performance and capabilities you need:

  • Design and build to customer specifications
  • NEMA 1,4,7,12 electrical enclosures
  • Class I Div.I and Div.II hazardous locations areas
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Clean room or wash down designs
  • Temperatures range up to 650°F (343°C)
  • CE compliant and marked
  • UL labeled electrical sub-panel
  • NFPA 79 compliant
  • Custom control capabilities
  • Various flow and heating capacities
  • Special colors and dimensional requirements

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