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Nissei NPX7 Micro Molding Machine

Nissei 7ton Micro molding Machine

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Nissei NPX7 Micro Molding Machine

NISSEI original “X-PUMP®” equipped hybrid type machine that achieves high-precision stable molding and high energy efficiency

Item – Unit

Screw diameter – inch (mm) 0.47 (12)

Injection capacity – inch3 (cm3) (oz) 0.27 (4.5) (0.15)

Max. injection pressure – psi (MPa) (kgf/cm2) 23070 (159) (1622)

Clamping force USton – (kN) (tf) 7.76 (69) (7)

Clamping stroke – inch (mm) 6.70 (170)

Min. mold thickness – inch (mm) 4.33 (110)

Max. daylight opening – inch (mm) 11.02 (280)

Tie bar clearance (H×V) – inch (mm) 6.70 x 6.12 (170 x 155)

Die plate dimensions (H×V) – inch (mm) 9.05 x 8.86 (230 x 225)

Ejector stroke – inch (mm) 1.57 (40)


A groundbreaking 12mm inline screw that broadens moldable range

NPX7 Advance with NISSEI original innovative hybrid “X-Pump®” system possesses the advantages of both electric and hydraulic injection molding machines. It offers well-balanced performance with its high-rigidity direct-pressure clamping system, excellent injection performance, and supreme energy efficiency. It redefines the concept of hydraulic injection molding systems.

The Ultimate Level of Energy-Saving

▶ About 40% saving in power consumption (in comparison with conventional hydraulic machines)

Outstanding Injection Performance

▶ High injection response time: 25ms

▶ A wide range of injection from ultra-low to high-speed (150mm/s)

▶ “High-pressure + long-sustained” injection holding pressure performance

High-Rigidity Direct-Pressure Clamping

▶ Linear guide for movable platen slide base section

▶ Stable mold open/close movement and uniform mold pressure distribution

▶ Wide tie bar (170 x 155mm mold can be mounted)

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