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Nissei PNX Small Hybrid Machines

Nissei PNX Hybrid Machines (40 – 60tons)

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Nissei PNX Small Tonnage Hybrid Machines available in 40ton and 60ton sizes.

Simply put, Nissei hybrid machines offer energy efficiency comparable to all electrics but with the durability and low maintenance associated with hydraulic machines.  It joins the best of both worlds making the Nissei “X” machine an extremely user-friendly, energy efficient workhorse.

PNX 40–60tons Specifications

The PNX Series has been developed by fusing the merits of hydraulic molding machines (durability of direct-pressure clamping, low-maintenance, long life, and low cost) and electric molding machines (energy-saving, high-velocity injection, quick response, high repeatability, and low operation noise).

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