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Nissei Vertical TWX-Rlll Series

Nissei's New Vertical 3 Stage Molding Machines Available up to 300tons! Easy-to-Use Super Low-Profile Type TWX Series was developed from the best-selling hybrid type vertical machine "TNXSeries," which was widely used in many insert molding industries.  This new hybrid type vertical injection molding machine is equipped with a new compound type clamping mechanism and offers super low-profile structures.  It provides high safety and refined usability while reducing the costs for ancillary equipment and hydraulic oil.     Automation Using a Vertical Molding Machine Enplas can also assist our customers with a fully integrated automated insert molding systems that maximize the advantages of the vertical rotary machines, which incorporate takeout robot, articulated robot, and two-arm robot ideal for different molded products and molding processes. Nissei has added the TWX300RIII36V machine with 300 tons clamping force to the TWX-RIII Series. The lower profile is thanks to a new compound type clamping mechanism, which has shortened its height compared to its predecessor by… More Info

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