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Yushin RA70 Servo Robot

Yushin RA/RB 70 Model (up to 80ton applications)

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Yushin RB 70

Yushin RB 70 Specs

Model RB-70S RB -70D
A (2062)[2362]
B (1400)[1700]
C 100 150
D 500 450
E 145
F 455
G 450
H 115

( )L type, [ ]LL type

Power source AC200V (50/60Hz)
Driving method Digital servo motor (3 / 5 axis)
Control method Micro computer control
Air pressure 0.49MPa
Maximum air pressure 0.79MPa
Wrist flip angle 90 deg.
Model RB-70S RB-70D
Maximum Power Consumption Single phase AC200V 6.8A (D type is 8.0A)
Traverse Stroke
L (1400)
LL <1700>
Vertical Stroke
Main Arm 600
Sub Arm 650
Kick Stroke
Main Arm 500 450
Sub Arm 450
Air consumption
liter(Normal) / cycle
Maximum payload (kg) Less than 3kg*

*The payload varies depending on the take-out robot speed setting.
( )Type L. < >Type LL

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